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welcome to a mirthful fractal philosophiscientifi--hey, what's all this extra crap?  I guess a bot-orb's reconstructing the site or something... looks too pluggy.. maybe we've finally sold out to our own projects.  yah that sounds like us.  (cbcbcb)

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Nutshell / News:  ::Would somebody please tell me why our ineffable philo- sophi- scientificky aspiring world-religion and era-dawning free fractal desktop wallpaper mega-enterprise's index page is now harboring a slop of shameless plug-mush that has nothing to do with art, world peace, philosophy, or world domin--Orbo--what do you mean you're recording me?  Posting it!?  How is it even possible to post something from 73 light year aw--oh don't give me that Stargate Universe crap that is complete bulsh--give me that damn smorshal w--!!::
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