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Xangles 3: Philosophy of the Dead Fracolic Oblivion Planet  8

Hello, I'm your friendly krforb Pik-YY assigned to introduce you to the vast and wonderous fractal realm of the dumb sciences, mock religions, and  purposely confusing fields of inverse logic all known as Xangles 3.  Unfortunately, like every other Xangled work except for Blorkk: The 2nd Known Universe, POTDFOP has not been written, outlined, brainstormed, or even vaguely theorized in a physics graduate class.  One might go as far as to claim that it has not even registered in the deepest oblivion depths of the fractal nothingness of any sort of collective universal unconscious un-fractal-fracolic mind, if in fact, any such idea has ever been vaguely theorized about in a philosophy or physics or chaos theory graduate, undergraduate, or ninth grade high school Intro to Calculus and Fracti-Trigonometry class.  It's theorized that somewhere in infinitely dimensioned space (known as IDS to those addicted to infinitely dimensioned acronyms, otherwise known as IDA), that POTDFOP has quite a fan base.  But not on Earth.  Nope.  Even this official page seen in various forms throghout the great hyperspacial xnet (on Earth known as http), would not be here, if not for a stupid glitch in my 34,874,982nd flutonic nuclearmoka nanite stim cell splicing unit.  Infinitely dimensioned apologies for wasting this couple decananits of your time.  Oh wait, here's something new.

Xangles Zeroa Novella #1:
The Final Phylo of Zeroa

  static planet x-3.1