This is bizarre.  Where am I?  I get the vague looming feeling of the fracolic non-coherency at the start of a new frwoa.
Kip, welcome to Xangles 4: The Search For the Last Known Universe Anybody Anywhere Will Ever, Ever Know About.
What did you call me?  That doesn't sound right.  I think my name's Kyle... or Jebb, or Artie... or something.  Xorich?
It's 'Pik' reversed. After the implosion of the known kus, someone had to be picked to reset them. So Pik picked Kip.
How narcissistic.  And who's Pik?  What's Xangles?  What's a ku?  What's a sftlkuaaweeka?  Wait, what's a what?
Pik is a krforb.  A ku is a known universe.  Stflkuaaweeka is this frwoa's acronym I just mentioned four lines ago.
And Xangles?  Wait, let me guess.  It's an unpopular, infinitely dimensioned, vague idea for a bad nonlinear saga.
You catch on fast.  Once fiction explores the dawn, end, and dead middle of time, the only thing left is oblivion.
What are these eggs?  They don't look properly centered.  The sheer vertigo makes me want to vomit, a lot.
That's fracolic nausea.  It'll pass as soon as someone invents time, mylanta, scrambled eggs, and paxil.
Paxil?  Or Pixil?  Or K-Pax?  This sort of feels like K-Pax 8.  Or maybe the dead center of Za'ha'duum.
You still can't spell after an infinite series of lifetimes.  Or maybe your xiters are just too damned lazy.
Xiters?  Xangle writers, okay.  I assume I'm a pretty big project being the last sentient being and all.
You'll meet them in Xangles 9.  So, let's get started.  The end of time is always of the essence.
But I still want to vomit.  Why's this off center?  Laziness?  Lightsquare non-standardization?
Both, actually.  Also to grant you the feeling of looking out at Feefh ku for the first time.
lkuaaweeka has a name?  I thought I had to find it.  Or vaporize it.  Or something.
It's named, but you still don't know where the flying hell it is.  Good luck with that.
I feel like Atreyu. The world's about to end, now go wander about aimlessly.
Hence, you better get going, Kip.  If these eggs hatch, it's all over.
Oh I get it, eggs!  Like unhatched frwoas and kus and balrogs.
That's the idea.  Now Kip, go wander aimlessly about.

Well, this is nuts, but I'm bored...,



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