Xangles 5: Twisty Twirly Nonsense Ostrich Random
I'm a krforb.
My name is Nips.
I nips and spin 'til I get bored.
I never knew my boot up disc,
Nor why it is that I exist.
I'm more than Florbb's adored mod orb;
I'm less than chips and cheez-it bits.
I'm less than you and less than Pik.
This pepto void just makes me sick.
I wonder if the Xangles writers,
Ideas like flicks of bics and lighters,
Ever will expand on me,
'cuz currently they're just plain not.
Perhaps their brains are fluton rocks,
Or maybe it's just writer's block.
Or maybe there's still more to come.
I guess I'll wait;
My soul is numb;
I wait and run;
My fate to run.
disc1Death of Sponge