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The Death of Sponge
              "The Death of Sponge?"
              "What's that supposed to mean?"
              "Oh, that's just temporary.  I just threw a title up for the moment.  Don't worry, a relevant one is in the mail.  FedEx should have it here by noon tomorrow."
              "Darlene, I didn't wait 111 billion years for my personal frwoa to reboot itself to have it re-named 'The Death of Sponge.' "
              "Well, that's what it says."
              "Is this a joke?"
              "Seriously.  Now, you have anything better to do besides complain that a parallel frwoa universe named 'Twisty Twirly Nonsense Ostrich Random' isn't being formatted to meet your organizational standards?  My desk skills are much better suited to organizing files and spreadsheets for frwoa univi whose names don't contain the words 'nonsense', 'ostrich', and 'random.'  In fact, from my own perfectly good ttangle, I'd say that I've done a wonderful job of adhering to TTnor's random nonsense etiquette by indefinitely procrastining an official title for your frwoa with the temporary name 'The Death of Sponge.'  'The Death of Sponge' is a perfectly good name for you to loathe, and at the least will serve as a prime source of initial conflict; one that will thrust your readers into an extacy-laced anticipation of how you'll handle your intense resentment of the matter.  How much will your crushed ego at being bullied around by a busy secretary motivate you?  How great will your ensuing rath be?  Will it motivate  you to move mountains, or will it be revealed you're ADHD enough to simply forget what it even was a few moments from now?  When the new title arrives, you shall get your wish, though it's probably for the worst.  In any case, until tomorrow morning, 'The Death of Sponge' will have to do."
              "Who's Sponge?"
              "No idea."
              "No idea?"
              "No.  Now go bugger off, Jumper, I  have better things to do than appease the narcissistic nitpicking of a nonsensical disgruntled frog."
              "You no fun."


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