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welcome to the free eclectic fractally scientificky nonsense poetryish saga called   X  A  N  G  L  E  S
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Xangles: A Fuse of Creative Comedy and Philosophy-Science

Truly bold, creative art doesn't just give us something new and fresh, but actually transcends the medium it's presented in to use it in new ways, or even establishes an entirely new form of art.  Modern poetry stems from the poets who toss their dictionaries and poetry format handbooks out the window, brainstorm with a misprinted magnetic poetry set, then run all their poems through an inverse grammar checker to make sure nothing is correct once they're done.

The modern film and television that really take us somewhere else and give us the most surreal and dizzying ride, are the ones that mangle the widely accepted standards of plot and character and camera placement and editing, and do something really odd and new.  The Wizard of Oz, The Matrix, Being John Malkovich, The Twilight Zone, 24, Scream, and early Reality Television, devirginize us of the type of art they all introduce to us, making the sex with the endless stream of lame ripoffs to follow decreasingly worth our time.

Foundation and Lord of the Rings yank us into the infectious worlds of galactic empires called Middle Earth and short pointy-eared psychohistorians which are still all the rage even after the deaths of Isaac Asimov and J.R.R. Tolkein.  Tickle me Elmo set the ineffable standard for artificially intelligent baby ogres, to the point where even today, kids scrunch anything fuzzy and vaguely humanoid to see how many lines of general relativity it's familiar with.  Michael Moschen set standards for all future jugglers by picking anything from a grain of strawberry Quik to a dead poodle, and studying the physics of how to bounce it around inside a giant plastic gerbil ball, leaving the carefully planned reaction of total bafflement at the gross and explicit waste of free time being displayed with ethereal pride.

In comedy, of Shakespeare, Abbott and Costello, The Three Stooges, Mel Brooks, Monty Python, Airplane, Naked Gun, Douglas Adams, Homestar Runner, and Dude Where's My Car, at least two or three of these played with their medium in refreshing new ways that were core to their unique style of humor.  But, since breaking from a cliche medium into something fresh and new has been done to death, we're now in need of something to save us from the monotony of breaking from the medium in all the exact same ways.  Since originality is nothing new, the only thing left to do is take the ingenius leap of breaking from it, and rip everyone else off in ways never before concieved by man.

Xangles is that attempt.       

The fracolic word "xangles" (pronounced "zangles") comes from "x angles," or the ability to see reality and art from infinite angles--any angle X.  It's a principle of Franglic Phylo, where a frangle is a "fractal angle," "phylo" is a shortened term for "philosophy," and fracolics, frangles, xangles, and phylo, are all basically bullshit terms pulled out of the depths of the writers' Freudian ids to propose new science and fiction by smushing together known terms and calling it genius.  The idea of Xangles is to attack and rip off not just writing, but creative science and philosophy, from multiple points of view and mediums, to get a better idea of the truth and balance of everything that's been done to death.

It's also an attempt to fuse fiction and science.  The greatest respect fictional sciences get is usually a book such as "The Science of Star Trek" or "The Philosophy of Battlestar Galactica," where a bunch of experts explain to us why no one will ever write a graduate thesis about anything founded on green aliens or giant shiny toy robots.   When someone creates an entire language such as Klingon or Elvish, or explores an idea for a science in fiction such as Asimov's psychohistory, these are examples of creative efforts that exept for random chance, might have been respected as new scholastic fields of study.  When ideas about philosophy or science surface in the mind of an individual, this can be applied in one of two ways: fiction, or non-fiction.  It is rarely applied to both equally and simultaneously.

Xangles is an attempt to be brain-manglingly prolific in the area of not just one, but both.  To see and create new and old art and science and philosophy, from any and all angle X's.  To write a serious, publishable philosophy paper examining reality from one angle, then integrate the same concept into fiction to the point where Barns & Noble has no idea whether to file it under Science, Philosophy, or Nerd Nonsense.

Xangles uses humor as the medium of its fiction, because humor seems to be a bonus.  Any story rich in plot and structure can then be turned into comedy with all the same depth and character development, except with frosting that even without the cake comprises its own self-sufficient treat that could stand on its own.  And like cake and frosting, there are always a few messed up freaks that scrape off one to eat the other, but most people just eat what the hell they're dished out, because anyone running a party knows what everyone likes.  Hence, Xangles dishes out new bold & old comedy-science, from every medium and every xangle possible, because that basically includes just about everyone who's ever laughed or been forced to read a book.  New because at least two thirds of Xangles isn't directly plagiarized word for word, and old because just about anything anyone can write or type nowadays has all been done before.

Xangles Online

Xangles Online ("XO", primarily Xangles.com, Frangles.com, Blorkk.com) is what we consider published Xangles material.  Other than in our heads (and those of who we drill our nonsense into whether they like it or not) and our bonfires of endless papers at home, Xangles generally only exists online.  To get around, it's very important for a xeer (that's you) to understand the basic scope and structuring of XO.  Xangles Online is not a place where every corner is updated regularly.  Far from it, in fact.  Xangles is vast, and to portray that vastness, we put up a lot of things that we have plans for to eventually be or do something.  Consider Xangles an enormous city just starting to be built, with only a handful of corners being worked on at any one time.  Or consider it a pain in the ass nonlinear video game that teases you by letting you visit the plethora of places you can't do a damn to get into because you're not at that point in the game.

For instance, for two years our philosophy section consisted of a handful of titles of unwritten papers to give you a taste of what our official philosophy may consist of.  Now it consists of an immersive blurb of excuses why you still may have to wait awhile longer.  Consider this a cool-looking transport pad in your favorite video game that but for a single binary variable (locked / unlocked) would take you to the really cool part of the game if you were done with all the boring initial shit.  Or, perhaps you can consider it an expansion pack with a continuously postponed release date due to unforseen wrenches.  Our wrench in this case is our masochistic decision to write our philosophy papers purely nonlinearly.  They will consist of a slew of paragraphs that may be re-arranged in various orders to form a self-similar set of different particular papers.  Given that we only have the slightest clue on to actually do that (even with our skill and experience writing nonlinear fiction), the section will stand as annoyingly blocked as the everlocked transporter pad.

One unorthodox thing XO does is span different domain names for the same general website.  It does this for its most active sub-projects, Frangles & Blorkk (frangles.com & blorkk.com).  This is because it's sub-project are so significant that they would constitute a full interactive websites if they weren't part of a larger project.  In fact, they basically do, minus a few references to the other projects.  This is not to say this is the only connection; everything is very integrated on endless levels, we've just had difficulty conveying those connections with clarity.  One might even consider the xangle or frangle--that is, the point of view--that Xangles & Blorkk are other people's standalone external projects and all we' ve done here is link to them calling them our own sagas!  Even the visual styles, etc., are extremely different; we think we've done a good initial job xuct-taping the visual similarities (and all the functional similarities) together, but there's endless work to be done to unify things as a more coherent whole.  

If you look very closely at all the fractal images across Xangles, Frangles, & Blorkk, you will see many similarities.  Much imagery contains the same or similar types of fractal patterns as another.  We think this definitely comes across subconsciously, but it is generally difficult to notice plainly.  For instance, as this is being written, the center of the main logo (EPILEPTICS - do not click) contains at its center an extremely similar fractal septagon to that on the Frangles structure pages, but the similarity is largely irrelevant if not noticed and explained.  In time, not only will these visual structures reflect each other, but the prose and stories and themes themselves should be interconnected isomorphically with the connections between the visual structures (if that made any sense).  (It didn't.)  (Much.)

The best way to read Xangles Online is just to start clicking around randomly.  The idea of our modularity means everything should make more and more sense the more you click.  Little is written so that you have to read such and such in a particular order.  As you read, you may find you want to return to other things you read and didn't follow as much in the past.  Just remember to only click on the rarely updated areas once in a great while, and you can keep up with the more-updated areas more frequently.  If you're in doubt which are which, simply follow the daily/weekly progress of whatever we're updating at the frangles updates page at Frangles.com/UP.  (this applies to all of Xangles, including Blorkk, not just Frangles; Frangles just happens to be the saga we've been working on the most).  On a month-to-month basis, you can check in with the Xangles News at Xangles.com/news.

Nutshell, click around randomly, and you'll figure out whether you're someone to whom things will start making more sense eventually, or less.  
Either way, good luck finding your way out, because even surfing a brainstorming for the rough idea of absolutely everything can make it hard to find the exit.
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