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welcome to the eclectic, fractally, scientificky nonsense poetryish saga called
   A    N    G    L    E    S
X8 Xangles: News / Time Line / Project Status
This page contains the entire online Xangles news history from April 2009 to the present (newest first).
Also see  
frangles.com/up for the most up-to-date news with all Xangles- and Frangles- related projects.
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March, 2017

We were down for a lonnnng time.  Sorry about that.  (Hosting migration issues, shhh!!!!)  But, anyway, we're back.... with....wiiiitttthhhhhh..... <drum roll!!!> with, err, all the exact same stuff that was here before. (Yess!!!  Wait, no!!)  And, no new news.  Or old news.  (Oh wait, old news is everything below.)  Except that we're back.  Got it?............ . .. . ....Ok, ok, we suppose you want to know something since the update right below almost 1.5 years ago.  Right?  Well, suffer.  (Ha!  You thought we were going to tell you, based on the grammatical structure of the last few sentences!)   Or, check back later.  We're too busy getting the site back up to go into long humorous rants echewing having to tell you we really haven't been up to much since, well, since day 1.  Oh, and if you want to go other places that are also back up with absolutely nothing new to show for the downtime, check out Frangles and Blorkk.

October, 2015

We found a wonderful place we trust to sell Xangles prints fairly: Pixels.com, a.k.a. "Fine Art America" (FAA) or fineartamerica.com (They almost seem in a name-change stage; this would make sense, as the more popular something gets, the easier it should be to refer to it quickly or in a viral manner.  "Fine Art America" is 6 syllables, while "pixels.com" is 4, and if they were truly a global household name as they aspire to be, people may just say "Pixels" all the time; this 2-syllable word would speak more to what the project is about that a 3-syllable acronym that could mean anything if you didn't know what it meant.  Also, any general domain name is more global than limiting your company to the confines of one country.)

We're currently in the process of creating a pixels account.  We've searched a very long time, sifting through all the greed and fraud and ridiculousness of the stock-art market.  We think FAA seem in a good balance between the interests of the consumer, the uploading artist, themselves, and other third-parties (such as ABC and Disney who just signed on to license art from the site digitally for use on television, etc.)  To be clear, pixels.com is a global place where you can go yourself and create an account and upload artwork, and sell prints for other people to order and get mailed to them, and you earn a fair share of the general sale.  You can even customize digital licenses; it's all very nifty.  Be careful to research what you're doing before you jump in, though!

For now, our fractal wallpaper area will remain intact, but you might just want to check it out now, as what's up might shift around as our infrastructure changes.  FractalStockArt.com is still on the table as a project, for which Xangles.FractalStockArt.com is currently a TEST SITE.  You may create an account and look around, but DO NOT TRY TO MAKE A PURCHASE, thanks!  (The site was partially developed by Media3.)

Our image numbering system has been in the works for years; you could truly predict future natural disasters with it at this point, but we're still not ready to explain it all!  We've put up a temporary page that sort of explains a little.

Xangles is still a multi-front project of many ends; the fractal imagery corner is just what's happening of late.  If you're bored with that, go explore Blorkk.com forever, or read any of the permus of the 2-novels' worth of polished prose bricks on frangles.com.  One even forms a rough equivalent of a standard 300-page novel, albeit it's plot is quite unorthodox if read as such!  Simply start on this page, and click "next" at the bottom of every page to continue, and bookmark or remember where you left off.  That's the easiest way to read "Writer's Bricks" (what would be the title if it were published as a paperback novel).  If you really want to get dizzy, try reading everything else on frangles.com that explains the wild fractal-nonlinear reading structure, or go WRITE YOUR OWN NONLINEAR FICTION at skipFron.NET where most of Writer's Bricks is EDITABLE for experimental purposes.  You may log in as Admin with the password "test" and do so yourself!  But read the current editing rules before doing so.  (Don't EDIT the editing rules, please!!)

September, 2015

We're taking our sweet time getting our e-commerce stock-art site Xangles Fractal Stock Art (XFSA) up and running, where you'll soon[-er or later as always] be able to purchase licenses to use Xangles imagery (a lot online in our free wallpaper area) for professional use.  The library of fractal imagery is becoming a multiverse of image media.  The site can technically work but the library is so enormous it's absolutely daunting.  There are 600+ base images, each so large that it can be cut and colored into dozens of unique sub-images.  Multiply that by the titles, descriptions, and keywords for each sub-image and you get a lot of time on our hands ...or that we wish we had on our hands... anyway, the site is technically back up but DON'T TRY TO BUY ANYTHING.  You can try creating an account, if you like, though.  Note there are only a handful of images up, these are basically test images.  There will soon[-er or later as always] be thousands of these.  The site will eventually be so surfable you'll be able to enter any basic word you can think of and have the most relevant abstract fractal images come up that may fit your search.

Note that currently the whole XFSA site is largely a mirror of Xangles.com.  You notice the XFSA news page is a single column with monthly updates like this, and both have the same "About" page.  This was all (very well) improvised by the site engineers, and we weren't quite sure what to do with the duplication.  For now, the most up-to-date place to check in for news about all  Xangles,  
frangles BlorKK,    skipFron,  and squish7 related material, is still  frangles.com/UP

May, 2015
 If it's not May 2015 yet, please hit back and refresh the page on May 1st, 2015

Do to the lack of April Fools jokes on April 1, 2015, we're appeasing your upsetness at this catastrophe by pre-retroactively deleting all news updates from May, 2015 to the present.  If you're visiting this page long after May, 2015, and this is still the topmost (most current) update, please either read our generalized blurb below entitled "2015 - All Year", or consider yourself punked.  It's still relevant, accepting that you're reading this well into 2016, in which case our laziness has hit a new high, which is, incidentally, always our one and only goal in all our endeavors with Xangles, FRanglesblorKK, skipFronsquish7, and everything else.  ...everywhere.  ...including you.  ...and your friends. ...okay, you see where this is going. ...or so we hope, cuz we sure don't.

April 1, 2015

If you're one of the 6,999,994 people on Earth^ who haven't actually read even 15% of this page, please scroll all the way to the bottom (the very first Xangles news post) and begin reading upward through time.  Why?  Because precisely 6 years later (assuming the extremely unlikely scenario that this is being written, posted, and published precisely on April 1, 2015), not a whole !@#$ lot has changed, and you might as well start reading the same exact bulsh from the start.  Of course, when we say "not a whole !@#$ lot", we're assuming you at least have some minimal exposure to Xangles & Frangles humor styles by now, and hence are completely and totally aware that this is exactly what we don't mean.  And we don't mean "mean" in the sense we're being mean to you by playing mind games.  We would never do that on April 1st of any year.  

FYI (this is all about to make more sense!) there is technically only one other entry dated "April 1" on this page, and that's the
aforementioned first post 6 years ago.  Don't believe us?  You'll have to scroll all the up and see for yourself (or search the page, or something).  Anyway... where was all this going... or rather where was it going that it wasn't going 6 years ago... Ah yes, let's recap a bit.  But first, a message from our sponsor: the following footnote (which we're inserting here because it's relevant to the first paragraph only and will get further removed from relevancy (at least in proximity), the longer we go without letting it do its thing, FYI, we're inside a double parenthetical right now, but you should be used to those if you've been following us at all))...

^ Assuming here that a whole lot of people have just suddenly died and restored the Earth population to exactly 7 billion
, including the 6 people on Earth who've read more than 15% of this page, and that the birth-to-death ratio globally has miraculously reached total equilibrium thus that the statistics of this blurb will be relevant until the end of time–or at least until one of the six people who've read more than 15% of the page die off, as their number probably isn't going to increase any time soon–also assuming that the birth-to-death equilibrium lasts forever, since that hasn't been previously thrown into these clauses–you know what, I can't finish the rant grammatically correctly.  I'm too lazy, sorry!  At least was funny until here.  Not that anything in Xangles should really be funny anymore since we're increasingly striving for professionalism, and professionals aren't funny... sorry if you're a professional!

And now back to this blurb, that wasn't really going anywhere anyway.  Here, go ahead and read the generalized 2015 blurb posted earlier this year.  It was much more purposeful (just ignore the out-of-date parts, like the statement that the main page is "more of a project sitemap", or that nothing new will be going on here this year, or--you know what--it's generally completely out of date, but read it anyway, you might learn something useful)....

2015 - All Year

There will be nothing too new going on this year (at least for you!).  Remember that much of Xangles and Frangles in a writing project, and novels may often take years to be written before they're released.  There are many aspects of our project sets that are prone to consistent updating via smaller modules, but we're just not engaging in that manner of productivity.  Fear not, though, there are already whole univi of art and philosophy around here, so just start clicking around on the main page!  (It's more of a project sitemap at the moment than a welcoming Xangles intro page, but this will change eventually.)

Pre-2015 updates

September 2014

You may be wondering why the previously ineffable Xangles index page has turned into a loaf of pluggy swampmush.  We'd tell you, but it's just too damn depressing alright you win no wait you don't.  Alright, now that you're completely informed and don't need to read any further, It's time to insert mindless bot-friendly terms like "free fractal wallpaper HD widescreen 1080p 720p" and  "free fractal, free fiction" oh wait nobody's searching for "fractal fiction."  Probably that's why we give away "free fractal" wallpapers HD 1080p widescreen ok enough with the evil SEO.  Oh just go click around.  For more on everything read the Xangles News (oh wait, that's this page, ah crap; this is what we get for writing a quick blurb on the main page (this blurb) then deciding it might as well be thrown onto the News page (this page) because it's incredibly better than absolutely nothing, and by the way the main page now has an annoying attempt at humor but really completely detractant from wait, is detratcant? dectadent? dectadonaldduck!! duck!!  druk!! truck? Todd!! WATCH OUT FOR THE TR---okay sorry, this humor really belongs on the VISIT THE FRANGLES UPDATES PAGE FRANGLES.COM/UP AND BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE NEW SORRY THE OLD AND WITHERING FRACTAL WALLPAPERS WHY AM I YELLING AT YOU, sorry... I'll bet you two dollars you've completely forgotten that we're inside an unfinished nested parenthetical.)  Ah, that's better.

More on all this later (or never.)  Well, just go click around on the main page anyway.

About our fractal WALLPAPERS.  The organization of the site (and there's a lot of it) is very confusing and convoluted at this point.  It's over five years of image posts, and we did things differently at different times.  We originally dated the pages by year.  We started in 2009.  (The very first Xangles update per se was April 1, 2009.)  Then made a 2010 page that we got lazy about and only ended up posting the 1440 x 900 images we made for ourselves as time went on and never the full quality images, however the page is very in-depth story-wise because there's a lot of unique writing not found elsewhere.  We really got going in 2011, posting 45 wallpapers in 30+ sizes (well over 1,000 images), and allowed you to surf by screen size, although this was still only a fraction of our raw library.  We eventually decided to head toward selling imagery as stock art, so we pulled back a little and retracted some of the extra large image sizes, but most of the 2011 images remained through 2012 and 2013.  We've since paid for an e-commerce site to be developed that we tentatively hosted at Xangles.FractalStockArt.com, but the raw image set is so massive that it's becoming an even greater endeavor, and we're locked into other projects and may not have time in the next year or two to launch it.

What we have done this month is post eight striking new images in 14 sizes each (all of them 16:9, including a 720p and 1080p of each one).  They're carefully chosen for various reasons of which I'm too tired to go into because I really have to go organize the pages better right now, sorry if I've interrupted your Xangles update read, but I have to dart off now....  Yours truly, Squish or Chip or Chet or whoever.  Check back, check back, check back....

August, 2014

As a general blanket project, Xangles isn't quite getting anywhere, or at least not getting anywhere new, since it's always getting somewhere as it grows, but not always a somewhere that can be fully published or documented.  In other words, Chip is chicken-crap petrified that telling you what we're up to will instantly void the endless plethora of Golden Midas patents waiting in rapt anticipation for our arrival somewhere beyond the end of the horizon.  (If this metaphor gives you any hope we will ever be more productive than we generally are, please note that it is not actually possible to ever be at the horizon, hence one can pursue such only for the experience of doing so and never toward the end of getting anywhere.)

Put another way, our projects are very secretive/private for the time being during development, but such should eventually be released to you, all in the manner that a novel, movie, or video game takes time to produce, then is released as a finished whole.

In general, our projects are versatile and only at certain times will you see frequent updates, but if you look at our history you'll see these have occured at different times (primarily via the Frangles news page Frangles.com/up which is the main source of news for Xangles, FranglesBlorkk, and related projects.)

Particularly note that XFSA (Xangles Fractal Stock Art at Xangles.FractalStockArt.com which the link "Stock Art" on the main Xangles page)
is indefinitely on hold.  Please do NOT attempt to create an account or purchase images.  Remember there's an absolute vertigo of corners to Xangles, so only the corner we're working on will be nominated for the possibility of regular updates, and right now that nomination is failing miserably due to the evils and hoops of patent law.

Jussssst check back now and then.  All we ask.

April Fool's Jokes, 2014

This year's April Fool's joke is to delete and/or excuse (via the exccuse of an April Fool's joke), all the news between last year's April Fool's joke and this year's April Fool's joke.  (You can translate that into English if you know us at all.)

FYI, if you want real updates, visit our main updates page: frangles.com/up

April Fools Jokes, 2013

Let's begin our April Fools joke this year by deleting the news from January, February, and March, presenting the mot-be-bulsh xangle that we didn't actually post anything yet this year, concealing our incompetence.

Next, we'll post an infinitesimal, flimsy update for the last two months of 2012 to present the just-about mot-be-bulsh xangle that we've gone a whole 5 months without being up to anything.

Next, we'll take the previous two months before that and replace it with an idiot Jet blurb who got his ass scolded off for not even posting anything slightly xanglic when he was supposed to.

Next, we'll take the infinite sea of theses of the previous three months before that and squeeze them into one single half-ass update that only skims the surface of what was going on and elaborated on in the thorough newsletters.

Next, we'll do about the same thing for the previous three months before that, except even less productive.

Finally, we'll replace all the productive updates of the entire history of Xangles news back to April 1 2009, with total junk that sounds like we've been busy but doesn't really tell you much.

If you're smart, you know that this is not an April Fools joke whatsoever, and that this update you're reading now is just about as productive as we've ever been for four years telling what's happening around here.

If you're really smart (and have been following us from day 1), you'd know the truth.

Nov / Dec, 2012

<No posted news for like 40,000 reasons we'll never explain because none of them are any different than the types of excuses we've handed you in the past, and we don't want you to get nostalgic for nothing.>

Sep / Oct, 2012

We keep going back/forth on weather XFSA (Xangles Fractal Stock Art) is technically launched or not.  The trutrh is...that I'm really not the one witht he qualifiactions to say anything about it but they told me to write something here just to keep the page updated so herezzu you go!.....oh alright I should say something more than that, I suppose, if, then, eles, errrrrrr, this isn't JET by the way no wwwwayayay ahghgh you discovered me F+ for my xangles urpdqates peaches alkzjcx lkjdf visit franglesits better!!!!

June / July / Aug, 2012

We've reached an omega-level bulsh justification of our recent plummeting into the procrastination haven of a quarterly-updated news page.  The justification?  Xangles.FractalStockArt.com is hereby LAUNCHED and actually selling imagery.  And by "selling" we mean "on sale" not "being bought".  And by "imagery" we mean less than a dozen images, not the 350+ image library that has been "coming for two weeks" for six months.  And by "justification" we mean that there's a damn good connection between the reason we haven't been updating this news page, and the efforts and headaches we've faced while working on something else, which excuses not doing anything for the other thing, that, wow I'm dizzy.

Let's start over.  Xangles is a big massive project of ineffable vast viral magnitudes, including fiction, philosophy, science, math, and who knows some day, even religion (would you like to be a Xanglic?)  Xangles Fractal Stock Art (XFSA) is Xangles (the proper noun) from the xangle (the point of view, lowercase 'x') that Xangles is a greedy money-seeking endeavor that's sold out its soul just to sell fractal imagery as stock art for other more professional people (or just you!) to use for purposes for whatever in the world you want to use it for.    Once again, XFSA is a stock imagery site where you may license our ineffable fractal imagery for your own use under the well-honed terms of our current licensing policies.

The issue here (regarding justification!) is that Xangles and XFSA are overlapping a bit in style and documents apart from the imagery.  This will be like this indefinitely or until someone starts actually purchasing our imagery and we have the funds to integrate them into one extra-extraordinary medium-surpassing website.  For now, if you'd like to go bipolar and check in with both, check in here once in awhile for Xangles news, and check into Xangles Fractal Stock Art news for news on XFSA.

Oh, and of course, frangles.com/up is still your best all-around news page for everything to do with Frangles & Blorkk.

Also please visit our new friends slash tragically underpaid contractors at Media3 for all your web design & development needs.

March / April / May, 2012

In the worst procrastination disaster to ever hit the Xangles news page, we have lumped three months of news into one blurb.  The very first thing we will do is explain why the hell Xangles is worth visiting and checking in with if nothing is going on.  Well, if you've actually been following us, you'd know by now that nothing EVER goes on, and Xangles is not worth visiting and checking in with.  However, if you know us even better, i.e. have been following us inscruptiously (< not a word) from day 1 (4/1/09), you can already predict the precise next ten paragraphs pursuing this crappy- updates- but- still- infinitely- worth- bookmarking logic stream.  Just to be rhetorical for that two or three or zero people (and to inform the rest of the planet who haven't been here since the dawn of time), we'll go through it anyway.

First, let us recall that the Xangles project began for a single reason: the domain "frangles.com" wasn't available.  It's the most embarrassing admission we'll ever make; however, it does (rhetorically) serve to explain a hell of a lot (i.e. the fact that it doesn't seem very important a project).  HOWEVER (that's over our "however" quota for the day), it IS a very important project, because it spawned all other sorts of fun things, and because of a lack of a something of--

starting over...

Oh, just go visit the page we've actually updated weekly for the past three !@#$ing years.

Check back sooner(-er or later as always), and if you're lucky, you might even see this news update split into triplets retroactively!  Or futureactively since May's not technically here yet as this is being posted.  Anyway... check back, check back, check back!

February, 2012

Alas, it is a tragic month in vast realm of all things Xangles, Frangles, and Blorkk... for this month (close your eyes), we have finally and absolutely in every way signed just a little itty bitty smigen of our souls away into the non-nonprofit (i.e. profit) endeavor of selling professional stock art licenses to use Xangles fractal imagery to suckers who would find much lower prices if they did a bit of googling.  Oh sorry, are you reading this?  Our would-be buyers should know, then, that we've given incredible thought and effort into our pricing structure.

The problem we now face is that we have the opportunity to shift over the entire Xangles project to the new php e-commerce site, as our new friends at Media3 went far beyond the call of duty to integrate aspects of Xangles.com we'd not intended to incorporate in the new site, including a spiffy new glossary with an actual real solid non- free- but- buggy- WYSIWYG- html- editing- software proffessional word database.  It's so tempting to move all the content from Xangles.com to the new site, that we're wondering if there's even going to be a Xangles.com worth visiting.

This is a problem we will face indefinitely.  Forcing everybody who might enjoy experiencing Xangles for free over to a site pushing you to buy things you probably don't need unless you're a design major, might just fill us with a little too much guilt to be able to live with.  Then again, it'll get us big bucks.  This issue snowballs fast, of course, and stems straight into whether we might "sell out" Frangles and Blorkk in the same ways.  There's a very simple solution to this, of course.  We're just still trying to find it.

Check back.
Check back.
Check back...

Dexember, 2011

We're getting fed up with our obsession to develop secret things you'll never know about until a patent firm materializes from nonbeing and assures us zillions of dollars will be in our near future on top of the contrived feeling we're bettering the human race in a nonprofit way.  We decided to set March 1st as our deadline for the patent firm we like to show interest in any of our ideas, after which we'd just throw them all out for free.

As that deadline approaches, and the 6-8 week lead time for a patent pending on top of the 4 week evaluation period for a submission, gets more ridiculous now that we're basically late already, and conveniently haven't even submitted a summary of the idea(s) in question, we're ever-so-scantly clarifying our deadline to include the perhaps- rhetorical clause, "even if they don't even know about the damn thing", because certainly that would constitute a tacit lack of verbalizing interest.  It's of course completely fathomable that an omnicient entity has granted them awareness of everything we'd like to submit, suggesting take the action of emailing us inquiring about projects they telepathically hacked, however, it's just... not... likely.

So, bad for us and good for you (or if nothing else, good for reduction of our vice of greed until such point we give a serious damn about philanthropy), we're thoroughly resolving to steadfast this date, which, while we may not upload every single stinking documented method we have, will be something- sort- of- extremely- or- so of significance.  (That is, ignoring the slight breaches of grammar in the previous sentence, more or less nullifying it in a court of law.  (Thank grammar!))  Although, we should here-append another minor clause for reference, just in case the previous bulsh (that means "bullshit" in Xanglic, see the index of terms) clause, that is, the nullification of the one before that, does NOT fly in a court of law, nor do anything even vaguely resembling flight, or any other metaphorical verb signifying "succeed as admissible evidence", one thoroughly backed by the ENTIRE history of the Xangles Online project furthered by the ENTIRE history of every manifestation of the Xangles project in any form at any point:

...We may just be too lazy to actually hit "upload", however apt our countries of nonlinear servers would be to meet /vindicate our promises IF they were had been uploaded on or after March 1st*.  
Until then, if you're bored, there's always everything else (our related sagas, the web in general , all information created by nonbeing tearing itself into infinite data nad existent objects, etc., etc., etc....  [* of 2014]

Check back..... Check back..... Check back.....(TM)*
[* Insert witty, informative legal jargon /commentary /lesson]
Orbo, could you check this for spellingg?  Orbo?  Orbo?  Orrrboo!!!!!!!!!!
.....sorry peeps this is why they dont lemee do stuf pm this page :-(
FYI CHECK OUT SKIPFRON!!  More random all the same shit I shit u not
this is jet btw wowww im so not messing up the paragraph structure ...to much.. HA!!! im still me chip will never
ever.... get me to bow to his monarck ridiculosnes
ever. =P.  l8r peeps c u in jetvil aka my crip (beaches)
(sorry girlies dont mean to mean... mean to mean? lol(

November, 2011
Stuff is progressing.  Apologies for the weak update.  Remember you can keep up to date with all things Xangles at the Frangles updates page, on a day-to-day (or at least week-to-week) basis.

October, 2011


September, 2011

August, 2011

We're Xtatic to announce we're beginning to overcome some of the profit/patent greed hurdles that have been holding us back.  We're getting much closer to dragging in revenue by such-and-such means (notably, selling fractal imagery for use in proffessional art).  With a solid, regular source of income down from our art (you don't even want to know where it comes from now), we'll be much more able to start giving away for free all those world-changing ideas we keep talking about that we've been working on behind your backs, continuously not posting due to fear of theft.  Of course, by "giving away for free" we literally mean "distribute tentatively without fear of theft given the procrastination protection of the patent pendings we'll be able to afford".  But, you get the point.

Since we're quite la--er, busy with all this, we'll let our short news blurb this month stand testiment to just how soon you may be able to see all this start happening.  Or something like that.  Or, uh--well...  Just check back.

July, 2011

For the past half-year, you've seen almost nothing new around here.  This isn't because there's nothing new going on, it's because of an evil mortal sin that infests all great univi of vast radical ideas that can change our very ways of life: greed.  (A.k.a. patents, trademarks, commerce, marketing, profit, revenue, & profiteering).  Sans a judging god, it's sort of a sin of its own punishment, as the price for slapping price on ideas worthy of adoption by the human race, is the general sensation you're not really doing anything nice for anybody in the end.  Still, it's a bit sloppy to simply throw up into the air every single good idea and artwork you produce for free, so of course, our solution has been to post less and less as time goes on.  Well, not exactly.  Let's start over.

We throw out so much fiction and fractal art for free because xwoas (artworks) are automatically protected under US law, once put in a tangible medium, especially if they're registered with the US Copyright Office.  This generally means you can read/use this material since it's posted, but not publish or profit from it without consent.  I.e. we're not making a decision to throw our art into the public domain when we post something for reading or viewing.  With patent law, however, it's different.  An invention, method, or process, once publically distributed, can generally not be patented.  That is, if you publish the workings of an invention, you're relinquishing most of your ownership rights for that invention, method, or process.  Artworks are automatically protected as intellectual property, but inventions and methods are not.

This is the only reason you don't see those types of things posted around here, even when we've well developed a concept.  This is roughly half of what we do around here, and to us, everything we do is part of the same creative method.  It's not much different to us generating a story than an idea about how stories should be written.  From our xangle, the extent and stamina of this polarization (separation line) is rather absurd.  If we're writing new novelettes or rendering fractals, you see updates that month.  If we're working on new ways to write novelettes or new ways to render fractals, you don't, as those have all but zero legal protection if you want to steal them.  In short, bigger ideas are more expensive to protect.

You might ask, "Why now?"  That is, why are we just starting to whine we can't post our *big* ideas, when Xangles has always been about big ideas?  In fact, you can't possibly claim anything more lofty than the egostical narcissism of our "vast fractal better than everything etc etc etc".  It's an Xcellent question, with an Xcellent answer: it's all in the X!  (That made no sense, so let's digress to something that does.)  The reasons we've generously (bulsh translation: carelessly) thrown out so many "big" ideas to date (that is, ones falling under patent rather than copyright law; aside, trademark law is a bit mixed: liberal use of an unregistered name/logo/etc allows certain legal protection), are as follows:

A.  We began with knowledge of the spirit of the laws involved, but not the precision of them (the red-tape details).  That is, we didn't know about the extent of this extreme xwoa/idea dichotomy (duality).  This is a key case with Xangles; we often have uncanny knowledge of the spirit and foundation of things, but not the specifics, not from naivete or laxity, but from the sheer impossibility of knowing everything about everything (a requisite of fully eclectic reformulation ability, our greatest aspiration).  Xangles talent is to *generate* whole fields, then eliminate redundancies to what's already been generated, leaving a very fresh remainder akin to ideas "outside the box" that someone creative on a smaller scale might have come up with given detailed knowledge of that field, science, or school of thought.  (The automatic return to our proposition "How about this!!" is always, always, always, "That's already been done, you idiots!".  Ironically, our comeback clarification, "How about doing things that have been done in creative new ways!", meets about the same response.)

B.  It's very difficult to document a lot of our abstract ideas legally, tangibly.  Our descriptions often go akin to, "the process of playing musical chairs with a herd of sheep, where the sheep represent any given object, concept, idea, noun, verb, adverb, or explitive, including sheep, chairs, mules, and oxymorons, and where the music is exchangable with anything perceivable by any other sense or means, including those of higher dimensional beings".  Sometimes it's just best not to bother.

C.  The core spirit of Xangles is an open, free environment encouraging the growth of ideas and creativity, or at least, it owns on average a minimum of 51% of Xangles stock.  The day may come when we want to put food on our tables, however, and, being procrastination milking gurus, we continually put off decisions about any of that sort of thing long-term.  Continuing to do the equivalent of throwing concepts and inventions into the public domain with no legal ties, however, has a life-long effect on that profit/nonprofit balance.  Even if we become an obsessive nonprofit organization long-term, those nonprofit goals may need funding.  Even money donated to charity has to come from some sort of evil sucking it out of the general economy.  Remember, the concepts we've already presented are, generally, already non-patentable.  We've had good gut instinct about that general nature, i.e. that sharing ideas liberally goes against the principle of hoarding things for profit, so we've already made those nonprofit-esque decisions to a certain extent.  The difference between then and now is that Xangles began more back-burner than it's becoming, that is, something our personal salaries are affected or even entirely generated by.  In combination with that any methods we throw out relinquish any claim to them, we're being more careful, which is why you've seen a lot less, lately.

D.  We're steadily developing more of value, or at least of more mundane practicality.  It's easier not to worry about having to deal with accusing, "Hey!  You stole our idea of radicalizing artistic mediums nonlinearly!", and less easy to worry about the use and ownership of a detailed software design immediately applicable to tangible marketing.  Paradoxically (and even ironically if we had any concept of the word by now), in short, the more we have, the less we can post.  At least as far as our methods go.  We're still writing stories and drawing pretty fractals and posting those creations, but if we go a month not doing those sorts of things, that's a month you don't see anything at all posted.  (Even a large body of artwork can begin to reveal creative methods one can reverse engineer, such as our fractal- designing methods.  We think they're elaborate enough, as with our stories, that we wouldn't have nontrivial competition even if we were into legal fistfighting and even if anyone would bother, but still, throwing out patentable methods *forever* is a concern to take into account for the future.)

E.  We've been developing things more lately that result from our core creative methods that generated Xangles, not specific Xangles-based projects.  In fact, it's a dizzying endeavor to structure the entire set of projects coherently.  Some things we're doing don't seem to have any direct connection to Xangles (even to us!) but while we create, we feel we're using the same inventive psyche for everything we do.  Now, since Xangles is all about relative points of view, this makes it relatively easy to claim, "These are all Xangles projects!"  E.g.: "Musical Sheep Chair Method (TM) is a multi-angle nonlinear way of radicalizing the art of Musical Chairs, for, obviously, replacing chairs with sheep is a whole new xangle on the game!"  We just can't stress how *long-term* all our plans are, like a final city, or field of science.  The legality involved with so many great ideas involves careful thought early on (e.g. investing in a starter company, or patenting an important formula), and hesitation to relinquish rights to future greed for all eternity are just about the only thing revoking your online access to everything we do.  Hence has resulted our lame- but- epitome practically trademarked slogan...  Check back.  Check back.  Check back.

April, 2011

Pre-procrastinated.. UPDATING FRANGLES
In the works.. A WHOLE NEW LOOK & FEEL
Post-procrastinated.. UPDATING BLORKK
February, 2011

Debates continue to rage across the vast procrastinated skies of Xangles Prime, their importance dwarfing that of whether a melodramatic narration establishing their existence should be ripped off from the opening of a vaguely relevant Marvel film sans even the usual Fair Use excuse, one being irrelevant given the template is being ripped off for personal purposes rather than parody of the original work...  What is the mightier, artistic integrity via the mirthful propagation of free and fresh ideas, or morally damnable hoarding of new technologies beneficial to mankind but for aspirations of global franchise dominion?  Should culture- influencing concepts influence society via freedom, or by the evils of copyrights and patents and other various legislatures protecting intellectual property put in place in part by the vice of original sin?  Greed, theft, philanthropy, passion, indifference...  which harbors hate, and which mirth?

These are the monstrous decisions we've been asking ourselves to make as of late as we make more tangible our many moneymaker methods and awfully atrocious alliterations that often strike with non sequitur sloth sans whim to eschew eschewing point- circumvention via the side street of phonetic decoy and mock run-on sentence fragments.  We spend precious time registering or thinking about registering works and concepts that would be worth something if we actually spent that time working on them.  We shrug away domains deferred and books belayed, obtaining knowledge of trademark law and marketing strategies that they might as well be about instead.  We sit and sweat and fret of fear of theft bereft of hope, ever-assuring ourselves that keeping concepts secret until they're emphatically protected against theft and infringement is the best way to progress them toward open nonprofit development.  That fame equates stealth, and wealth, paranoia; and that power incapable of corrupting is best pursued by making sure nobody else gets there first.

December, 2010

We've begun discussing the extent to which we should inflate the viability of our efforts or lack thereof of considering and exploring trademark options for various current and future Xangles projects.  Apparently there's no flash form on the net to sign up for a free trademark via a quick confirmation email.  We also checked for any back door gadgets on several pop star websites and a sincere handful of dirty websites (well, at least one xiter (Xangles writer) did; an everunnamed comedian who's only signed his soul over to nonlinear fiction & phylo (philosophy) because he couldn't make it big in px#$@#$ "satire"), and found no hidden trademark links whatsoever, even the ones that promised a month of free trademark registration.  We've also checked a plethora of cereal box prizes and harpy mealz, with nothing there either.  We're more than anything discouraged from our failed 12 seasons of watching Blue's Cluze and looking for the free trademark tell tale tubby plush toys in the background where the annoying guy kept telling us to look for them.  Sadly, we're still continuing our pursuits, but fortunately for everyone involved, we've become a lot less enthusiastic about the matter given it seems to take not just money put into CD and book purchases on how to declare trademarks and how to sing songs about the process, but actual full practicing lawyers with  valid degrees from official professional universities, as opposed to the imaginary ones floating around here. (Or potential imaginary, that is.)

However, there's one silvergold lining: while it might take quite a bit of money above and beyond that which starving bum artists on disability and/or poorly paid generally unpublished xwoa writers and/or middle shoolers with deficient allowances and/or greedy software engineers hoarding their hundred grand a year salaries on the argument that his peers (xeeps?) will produce better art the more desperate they are for bread and bandwidth, it appears that's generall all it takes beyond the galactic radical ambition of an easily franchisable project.  Then again there's a chance we're too franchisable, but as long as no organizations with a mandate to preventing global war via hindrance of the development of inexorable and sadly inevitable religious xults of xillions of followers interfere too much, we're sure xanglology will become the next big thing, and our passion for our dreams (flems?) will certainly convince involved in the matter of trademarks to accept exxessiely large sums of money for the rights to xanglologyia plush toys...or might "Xangles" be easier to remember?  It's more ambiguous, at the very least.

We'll let our usually laziness with the obvious general genuine ambitions below the gilded comedic surface of the above paragraph along with our laziness in letting this speak to our productivity this month speak to our productivity this month.  (That made sense.)  [Orbo could you spell check this?  No not the grolf--no, not the page... no, I mean this sentance.  ...in the brackets.  This bracketed comment.  It's podd enough it's here, as well as with the awkwardly inserted word 'podd' that isn't even a glossary term not to mention one that, again, rhetorically and semi-rhetorically ---wtf do mean you--  where in the flyking !@#$ did you get a ids-43 smorshal war@#$%^$#$zzrzrz- NO_CARRIER _pigeon]

Oh, happy Xmas, by the way!

November, 2010

Frangles mobile

We've expanded Frangles for mobile access.  Frangles "mobile" (at frangles.mobi or frangles.com/m), while excellent for access on mobile devices and designed for small mobile device purposes, is a largely poor title for the site, because its main mandate is versatility and portability on all devices.  
I.e. it's a very simple method of reading Frangles main prose good for any device rather than just small mobile devices.  (Think of Frangles "mobile" in the sense that Frangles is mobile, not the reading device.)  As a secondary title, we're calling it Frangles "main" -- for "main" begins with an 'm' and the site's home address will be frangles.com/m in addition to frangles.mobi -- even though "main" is a bit confusing too, since "main" could also refer to the main index page of Frangles.com, which, incidentally, is being expanded into a more elaborate site, given that since just about anyone can now read Frangles prose on their device, anything short of an interactive 10 million 80p fractal holograms primary frangles.com site for more powerful devices would be just plain redundant.

Frangles Fresko
We're so behind on so much stuff that we've started a project just to explain and go through all the stuff you'd actually be experiencing if we spent the time we spend on Fresko on the stuff we're hyping, instead.  It's partically horribly redundant to go on excessively promoting that which promotes the stuff we'll never do anyway, so you can just check it out yourself at frangles.com/fresko..  It's under construction, so check back now and then for progress on our increasing lack of progress.  

Did you Know?
-- Xangles also produces radical artworks and philosophies that will surely revolutionize all modern art and science and contribute a plethora of new artistic mediums, in addition to free fractal wallpapers.  Be sure to keep up to date with all that fun stuff, too!  (Though wallpapers are prettier.)  In seriousness (a rhetorical oxymoronic emotional state around here, but you know we're half-joking), we largely offer fractal art just to hook you in to our main fiction and nonfiction reading material.  It's not quite fully satanic marketing practices, because chances are, if you like really cool fractal images, you might like our humor, philosophies, and brave ideas that are largely based in the concept of fractals if not put forth visually.
                   Check that stuff out, or if you'd like to just visit for our imagery, that's fine too, because in our humble opinions, it's pretty damn cool.  That said, we've been inhumanly... psychotically... indescribably- save- for- the- previous- two- adverbs- and- this- strangley- hyphenated- one- to- anyone- not- familiar- with- our- particular- grammatical- systems- and- quirks... (drum roll)  delinquent in posting the fractal imagery (i.e. in the form of wallpapers, which is mostly how we use it right now; hopefully soon-eol we'll use it for more versatile purposes in addition to offering the wallpapers).  Not our normal delinquent, nor our transparent excuses for being delinquent, but just plain out- of- the- ballpark- of- reality delinquent.  No... excuse.  We've had a ton of rendered images just sitting around for probably even a year.  Just sitting there, waiting to be cut up and slid on your plate.  We of course have a slew of good excuses for this cruel diocy, but you just plain wouldn't believe it if they were implanted directly into your central nervous system.  Suffice to say... we've definitely been chipping away at posting stuff (rather than procrastinaing doing so, our usual behavior), and frequently, obsessively wrecking balling at posting stuff (bad grammar, sorry, but no time to fix it, there are free fractal wallpapers to be posted!).
                        At this point we have so much that we just want to post a whole warehouse of stuff at the same time.  We've discovered a gimp plug-in that will allow the scaling of bulk images, and we're aiming for so many wallpapers and resolutions and aspect ratios, that it will be more time- saving to just scale a few xillion at the same time and hit the big blue "POST ALL" button now the size of a small city floating in Fresko's outbox.  We're really not joking; the difference between the handful of wallpapers on the current page (almost our most visited page) and the almost terabyte of detailed uncompressed rendered fractals sitting around, is  astronomical.  In fact, we're already doing the math of how much revenue that ads on our wallpaper pages will drag in.  We're just kind of multiplying "300" hits a day by a few dozen billion and doing our financial management with those sorts of predictions.
                     Incidentally, yes, we're going to soon-eol or eventually adding advertisements to the wallpaper pages, but fear not, you need simply ignore them if you wish.  They won't take up 99% of the space, be assured!  On the contrary, we have such an in-depth artistic style that we feel putting any sponsered links or ads up anywhere to be somewhat (or even extremely) selling out, but hey, we have xids to feed.  Keep in mind that one thing to look out for is our plans of integrating a lot of interesting or funny humor or nonfiction or just plain fun, with the soon available wallpapers.  We're working on things like being able to actually surf a fractal image to a decent extent, and let you choose your own wallpaper out of hundreds or thousands.  To be a bit "addy", that's something that none of our competetors offer!
                      Check back, check back, check back....

New shortcuts
The methods of keeping up to date with Xangles, Frangles, and Blorkk news and updates are becoming more numerous as time goes on and we expand all our projects.  (Mainly, Frangles Mobile updates will now contain mobile-specific news not covered in detail on the Xangles and Frangles^1 main news pages.)  As certain things will certainly get updated more frequently than other things, we've developed a quick memorable means to check in now and then.  You can now visit the Xangles, Frangles, and Frangles Mobile updates pages by appending the phrases XUPUP, and MUP to "frangles.com", respectively.  We work on including the versatility of easy access and navigation of all Xangles / Frangles stuff into our goals of making it all more confusing for the xeers and freers who like everything a messy heap of nonsensical nonlinear junk, s as time goes on, be all but entirely assured that the ways of surfing around will also increase along with the complexity.  That kind of multiplicity is certainly what we're all about around here.  For instances, you can also type a slew of other things that will work and get you around if you forget even the quick URLs.  That is, you can add FRUP, NEWS, FREWS, FRUPDATES, XEWS, etc, etc, and anything else you're likely to type that we've taken into account, to also get around.  At this very moment, though, remember to use these keywords after frangles.com andrather than another domain, as Frangles is currently our primary and most active project, and there's a hovering laziness by a particular incompetent webmaster to hit "copy shortcuts frangles xangles" at his everpresent unix prompt.

September, 2010

hey xeeeeerrs.... jet here. they told me i could do the xangles frupdate this month but really i feel weird around here because school sucks #@$%ing $#^$%% (duh) and xangles is more like school than fun. i mean i'm sure it's fun to you but try being a dumb 12 year old who they think is like prodigy bound b/c like my great great great great great great great aunt's uncle's grumpa was like really smart and so i must be like a jedi with dna powers that haven't come out yet (i don't gots no metacalorians, "xeeps"! xangles peeps? lol). when you're one of those here, they sit you down and whip you in and in and in and in with all their phylosophy and social studies that are going to change the world!!!! and everything. like i understand a tenth of that !@#$. i don't even know math enough to make a deep joke about what tiny pie fractaion of this junk i really understand. i'll say a tenth b/c you'll think i'm just being a !@#$ if i said anything lowering you'd say i'm lying or being an idiot but try being an idiot toddler around here and youll understand. actually i think squish and kyle actually talk to todlers but maybe im lying.

sooooo. yah so i think i already wrecked the feel of the entire xangles site in all the kus in all the kus in forever just ranting about my "pre-teen ankst" squish calls it, but i guess i gotta actually tell you something or get my promise vetod that i could put whatever i wanted here without it getting edided later just for fun. sssooo...actually u know what i really dont give a !@#$ anymore there not doin shit around here and im sick of backing them up i did it for a whole month on the main frangles frupdates so screw it. oh yah i mean they have like zillions of things to put up and everything and super duper plans for this place and god knowwwws they spend like half there lives doin all this, but that doesnt mean anythings ever actually goina get posted. actually i think squish does this stuff full time im not sure ull have to ask him how his latest excuses are goin for screwin over the federal goverment for disability money when really he can work its just that no one will pay him for being clazy (crazy-lazy? lol!) ok maybe im not supposed to be posting that but i doubt the feds are gunna be like; sorry, u can work, this is bulsh man, no money this time, we read this kid on the internet's ofiicial statement who doesn't know fractions that u can actually work and that's really objective, man, u and ur Dr.Schmirnoff don't matter; i dont think squish squish actually has a doctor i think he forges his prescriptions or maybe he hallucinates them cuz last time i went to cvs i noticed they had a special computer for psycotic prescriptions like his llloooll...

ok so you reaaaally want some FYI? i suppose ive marngled up this page enough. ok here i go i'll do my best >=10th understanding of xangles and try reeeeally hard like its the final test at the end of time im really gunna try hard ppl here we gooooo (<bookmarks rhymezone.com>!!)

The eschewablity of the Xangles News page to avoid informative updates, unfortunately, has become too complex to properly portray on this page with any ease. Fortunately, our sporadic tendencies to smash up whole globs of stuff sporadically will yield to a future where on your death bed, you will be happy that at some point in your life in the course of your time as a freelance freer somewhere between the dawn and the end of the end of the end of Jet's current update you're reading write now ("parse" that, beeeashees) there was one day on October 19, 2073, when Xix (eg the "Xiters of Xangles" from here on underwood) posted the plethora of plethoras of mind-medium manglingly prolific bunches of stuff, that changed the world and, indeed, the known universe itself, basically for the better. (More or less.) ("Sans" a spell check, I doubt Squish could surpass much better than that. Jet is the man girlies, ya, you know that... remember y'all posses, Xix get chicks!)

June, 2010

For once we're gonna table the humor and just tell you what we've been up to (all apologies).  We've never tried this so you might want to put on a gask mask or put a paper bag over your head and lie down or something...  Because some of Xangles/etc art and the methods we use to create that art are so unorthodox, we have to keep reminding you -- seriously, not as a silly excuse (fire in the hole, Jim!) -- that things will sometimes go unupdated for extended periods of time.  You might have noticed that we haven't actually posted an update on the page for four months.  Because that really does seem nonproductive, we want to explain this a bit...  Think of the standard process of writing a novel.  Just about any book you read is thought up, fully drafted, revised, polished, and then published.  Because Xangles & Xangles sagas are so modular, this means little fragments can be posted that make sense in and of themselves, or that are polished and completed before a "book" is done (a "book" here being the equivalent of any large number of modules comprising a well self-sustening story).

But, this also means that there are plenty of times we need to draft that whole "book" (or at least very large passages of prose) before "publishing" (which we consider posting on line).  In some ways it can be easier to draft and post first, and some ways it can be harder than a standard novel, because when you work on a module that's connected to a larger whole of the equivalent of many, many standard books, that's even more time that we could potentially be spending on our own working on material without posting things.  Combined with that we have several places we post news updates, we think it very reasonable to claim good reasons -- not just excuses -- for this way of doing things.  The most important thing is that we're working hard behind your backs!  (Of which our best proof is a credibility of continuously posting new things, whenever we might post them.)

To date about 870+ standard paperback reading pages of Frangles have been written, so yes, we're definitely keeping on top of things.  For a long time we averaged an output of about 2.4 pages a day surprisingly consistantly.  In the past 5 months or so that's slowed to about 1/2  because we've been spending that other time on fractal imagery.  Our fractal images are getting more and more professional, and we've been spending time getting into stock photography and selling our stuff.  Don't worry, we'll still keep plenty of free wallpapers coming; the point of stock photography is to sell licenses to use imagery professionally, so that has nothing to do with giving desktop wallpapers away for free as we've been doing.  But of course, if you like our wallpaper images as time goes on, you'll definitely have some places to go purchase licensing rights to use the artwork for more than the minimal purposes (i.e. small, nonprofit, nondistributable uses).  Of course, you can always cheat and steal the wallpaper images, but that would be just plain mean.  (Plus we may keep higher quality and/or larger versions of the artwork on the stock pages.  We've become viciously frustrated about the lack of accomodation the standard professionall imagery community gives fractal artwork.  Almost always things are requested and distributed in a lossy jpeg file format, whose algorithms are designed for photographs and horridly mangle fractal detail.)

The other thing about the imagery is that it's not just a "side" thing any more.  We're trying to actually integrate all that imagery into our fictional (humor / stories) and nonfictional (philosophy / science) material.  Imagine a series like Lord of the Rings that's popular enough that many painters interpret the books in professional paintings.  That's what we're trying to do with the fractal artwork, except do it ourselves.  We've even experimented with cleverly contriving passages of prose that are written just to propogate a certain wallpaper.  Take that for Pod Racer -level sell out techniques!

As for the work on Frangles (the only major active project right now) , we think we're doing well writing solid long passages of material rather than just sporadic bricks (scenes).  Soon we'll have a full nova completed (which was originally short for "novella" but is getting sorta longer), that should be in the ballpark of a 300-page paperback novel.  

Another major thing way way up on our to do list is to adapt Frangles for mobile devices such as cell phones and iBoookPadPhones or whatever the hell Apple is selling these days.  It's important to note that this isn't some side project, it's actually the main type of thing that Frangles was designed for: to be able to read Frangles casually sitting down on a couch without sitting staring at your monitor.  Hence adaptation for small devices is actually a step ahead rather than just a watered down version of online stuff.  We're very excited about the e-ink reader thingies (like the "nook") that let you read books on a non-lit screen just like you'd read a normal novel.  That's the epitomy of Frangles' future.  Remember, nonlinear prose can only be read digitally.  (Accepting the ability to print out one specific permutation of pages and reading only that ordering once printed.)

Finally, we're consistantly (though slowly) moving forward with Xangles/etc software, that's extremely basic right now but will grow as time goes on.  We're working in Perl to create some basic site managing software (re-ordering fragments and templates to place those fragments in, etc; essentially ways to digitally read and write Frangles more easily, since both reading and writing are going to require massively different methods than usual once Frangles material starts to significantly accumulate), and C# is second in command, because we're aiming to eventually design real-time reading and editing applications.  A lot of what we write should also be adaptable to many other purposes (if for some reason you don't want to file your next set of taxes into nonlinear filing structures; but at least you'll have the option).

Here's a small sample of what we've been up to with our fractal artwork; you can get there with the ULR xangles.shutterpoint.com.  And here's the Frangles frook we've been working on: Writer's Bricks
As always, day to day (or week to week) updates for all Xangles material is on the Frangles Frupdates page, so check there whenever we leave this page several months unupdated!

May, 2010

If you're one of the 4 people who've been following our progress, you might theorize that our failure in not just not posting March and April updates, but not even posting our usual bullshit retroactive rants to feign the appearance that we did for the benefit of everyone who simply skims the page--which, of course, is most of you, not all of whom will fall for the fraud even if you just skim the page, unfortunately, given that picking up the main idea is generally the entire point of skimming, and clearly it's decently difficult to skim a whole news page written via deception without picking up a bit of the general gist--convicts us of a lack of productivity of fresh new heights.  Of course, this is a hefty accomplishment we're well proud of, and we hope we can improve enough to expand our fan base from 4 fans to 6 or 7 in the upcoming years.

...Or at least, that would be our goal if the theory held any more than xot of water, which it doesn't, so logically and fortunatenly for you, us, fortune, and logic,  we've been quite busy doing things that we just haven't polished enough to post lately.  Granted it's a xot lazy to do all that work and procrastinate the final manifesstations ad nauseum,  but no matter how hard we try, we've well realized by now we just can't keep it up forever.  (Though we do have high confidence we can keep it up for the duration of your natural lifetimes.)  In fact, in our defense of our continuous, indefinite (possibly permanent) criminal charge of Grand Progress Purgury, we might even claim that the duality--and ratio--of productivty juxtaposed public apperance of a lack of it is an intrinsically pursuable and desirable goal, and one so unorthodox that only xiters (Xangles writers) would bother to aim for it, so take that, prosecuters.  (Note we didn't actually bother to do so.  Never mind that the claim applies in any way to the situation in question.  Not that we're claiming the opposite, either, so we'll let our claim to silence on the grounds that it mot incriminate us speak for itself, whatever it happens to be saying.)

Now, about now we'd redirect you to the Frangles updates page and remind you that that's where the day- to- day updates are (making it redundant to post similar updates on all the Xangles project sites, such as here), but it's in the ballpark of as unupdated as this news page with only moderate hope for improve any time soon, so don't bother.  However, we can definitely guarentee we're quite busy with lots of things that you would be impressed about if we were posting material right now.  Really.  No, Really.

February, 2010

A few xeers have pointed out that "every... single... [@#$!] monthly update on the news page has just ranted about why nothing has happened that month, what the hell is the point of your [@#$!] site".  (In the words of at least one potential imaginary xeer, as it's quite possible no one as ever sent us an email whatsoever; you decide!  Or just email us.  Then you'll know for sure).  When we looked back and saw how dead-on the xeer was, we saw how genius of us it was to unconsciously create a page that's entirely a recursive parody of itself.  Of course, the joke's probably getting old by now--even so recently discovered--so here are a whole new bunch of excuses why basically nothing has been updated in the entire history of Xangles, which are in turn in fact very credible given the confusion recursive nature of us saying the excuses are not not posted recursively turtle gum axis width retrieval on-demand fios [[Brain Crash]].  No, really, in all seriousness (we've attempted being serious 1 or 2 times before, but maybe the 3rd time's a charm (which fortunately won't be an issue if we've tried this once time before and not twice, because then the 3rd would be the next time which in all seriousness we can indefinitely procrastinate (if in fact the term "in all seriousness" 14 words ago didn't count as the 2nd or 3rd time)), for once we're going to dive right in, forget we just said anything about never having updated anything or having developed plans for doing so at any point in the course of our mortal lives, and (not not not) bullshit a totally normal, real, thorough, vivid, and hence throughly extra (not not not) bullshit recursive turtle gum axis with [[2nd Brain Crash]], rendered invalid by the fact that clearly we've already done so.

To be genuinely serious (difficult for us as x--3$@#$sg##uv30011010vNO_CARRIER... Ding, Dong, the parenthetical jokes are dead!...), we joke endlessly about "lacks of updates" and "inactivity" that might go too far for you to sift out what's really going on.  That's our bizarre sense of humor, which only so many people get, and that crowd is only one group of people we're trying to appeal to.  (One of xiters in real real life complains people think s/he takes this general style of humor too far, to the point his victims are driven to the verge of calling 911 when they can't tell the difference between joking with a total seriousness that you're a homicidal freak who has plans to blow away Australia, and saying the exact same thing in the exact same tone while actually meaning it.)  For once, we'll say directly that we're very happy with how Xangles has come along and grown as a lively, flourishing, and very ongoing and active project.  By now we've stopped counting the html pages and measuring the precise reading length of written prose (novel chapters, etc), because it's too tedious to bother with, and all it does is contribute a mild defense that Xangles is really, really, big despite ways it can seem not-so big (like a lot of the stuff on the main page not linking to much, with a lot of the bulk of the material posted a few link paths away)...

But, suffice to say the entire project is in the rough ballpark of 1400+ standard reading pages (which we often call PLP, or Paperback Lengthed Page), which is kind of a cheap "spinned" way of putting it because that's including everything on Squish7.com and Squish's related domains, and all unpolished / unposted Frangles reading material (there are 800+ PLP of Frangles reading material written altogether--apart from the blurbs / analyzes / updates, etc--and about half of that is posted).  We've also stopped worrying about monitoring hits so much, because by now we have a good sense of what you like and want, and don't, etc... So, despite our recursive self-mocking lack-of-updates updates page, we've been moving along at a very steady, growing rate.  (We've measured our rate of Frangles prose many times since Frangles was started, and it's always come out to roughly 2.5 PLP/day, which is the equivalent of three 300-page standard novels a year, plus the free wallpapers and lots of other miscellaneous stuff, like working on software to organize Blorkk's skit-prose and Frangles' nonlinear prose).  By now we think we've gotten across the general concept of a vast, vast realm of creative and humorous literature and science / philosophy / etc; the particulars of the rate we're implementing / applying / furthering that concept (as the idea of a "very very vast realm of such and such" is disgustingly vague and intangible sans proof of practical scope); the general size and variety of what we've posted, written, etc, and where Xangles is going.

An important point, though.  We find ourselves typing out the phrase "Xangles / Frangles / Blorkk / Squish7 / etc" (and so on) so much that perhaps this reflects our failure to establish a unified feel for the whole mess.  For a long time we've been fooling with the term "XFBS7" (Xangles Frangles Blorkk Squish7) as a more appropriate blanket term for this entire connected bunch of stuff, which until now we've been calling "Xangles".  (The main page of Squish7.com has been an index entitled "TEMPORARY XFBS7 SITEMAP" for quite awhile now, to the point where poor Squish has lost the feel of actually having his own web page, when Squish7.com is really supposed to be his own home page).  But then, adding an extra term above and beyond the ones we keep listing might seem a little confusing, too, but since we've already been getting you used to it for awhile, just be aware  that we may soon move that sitemap to the domain XFBS7.NET (which currently just forwards you to Squish7.com).  There are lots of pros and cons to this decision, but just be aware that as Xangles/etc/etc progresses, the fragmented mush of slop might get a little more segmented (for now!)  (We like to think of Xangles/etc/etc as a microcosm of a much larger and financially significant set of interrelated companies or businesses, given many art projects can launch up into the arena of huge and famous unexpectedly, though given they can crash from that high--or even without it--just as easily.  Of course, Xangles/etc/etc already could be something produced by a bunch of larger businesses that seem apparent; you'd have to decide whether the claims and goals of being self-genius around here genuine enough to have been thought up by a whole bunch more people that a handful of xiters).  There's also a ton of other re-organization that could help things flow between the sagas/sites, like properly linking from one to another, properly explaining how the material or concepts of ideas relate to another, or even writing material that directly bridges the Xangles / XFBS7 sagas and sites, such as a few short stories called "Fraorkk" or something that bridges Frangles & Blorkk, and other things.

Now, for a few general particulars on what's going on right now.

Frangles: The main Xangles / XFBS7 / etc thing approaching completion is the first nova (a vaguely "novella"-lengthed Frangles story) of the frook ("frangles book", often a very long book) entitled Writer's Bricks, which is entitled Skip Square One.  We've announced that the first seven Frangles novas to be written (Skip Square One is the first) are the first novas of frooks 13, 22, 31, 47, 56, 65, and 74.  (Out of now 49 frooks that are planned to comprise the entire Frangles saga).  Then we quickly realized we'd like to work on a lot more stuff too, so we're already starting to draw rough tentative time lines in how we're going to start writing the first few frooks and which novas those frooks are going to consist of.  (They all overlap, so if we write the first nova of 7 frooks--which is a frook itself--then only 6 more need be written for another full, coherent frook to exist as well. for instance, Writer's Bricks (frook 13)).  Apart from the prose itself and blurbs commenting or explaining it, there are other miscelaneous backburner thingies, like working on software and posting wallpapers, etc.  (So far 3 Frangles wallpapers have been posted, trying to keep a common theme going reflecting the coloring of Frangles main pages; we want to keep this going indefinitely for all domains/sagas with wallpapers; Xangles has very general ones (a wide selection, and the most out of Xangles, Frangles, and Blorkk), but the Frangles and Blorkk wallpapers are tightly designed to stick with the styles & feel of those sagas.  (There is an enormous amount of raw rendered fractal material rendered that have just been waiting for awhile to be cut and sized into postable wallpapers.  Also, we've been getting back into rendering even more after taking a short break, as we've been exited about having a new tool to render fractal art work (ChaosPro)).

Blorkk: Not much, partly because we've decided that Frangles should indefinitely be our main XFBS7 priority, which makes it harder to call the whole project "Xangles" as Frangles grows.  The other reason is that a lot of the stuff is a bit overwhelming to dive back into; the nonlinear lines skit-prose are a much stranger medium to get fluent in than the nonlinear prose/stories of Frangles.  However, we've written in a Blorkkan character called Glorg into Chapter 5 of Skip Square One, and have actually touched upon the issues regarding Blorkk within Frangles itself.  For instance, Glorg talks about Blorkk and how it's kind of stuck in a rut and needs a good "xwoa griter" (An XFBS7 writer).  This contributes to the inspiration fueling Skip's dilemma, that of our difficulties in attacking something as huge as Xangles / XFBS7.  That is, Skip is any of us to an enormous extent, as well as a general parody of your usual aspiring novelist (though Skip doesn't aspire much as we can tell).  Anyway, Blorkk is definitely something we want to get back to and start updating, but for now writing about our frustration in not having done so for awhile is enough.  We are, however, working on some side-things (actually, Blorkk is just a collective mush of side-things as a whole).  A commentary skit is being written in the direct format of Mystery Science Theatre (rather than resembling it) nitpicking the movie Dark City, which we think is a great current thing to put out because 24 is in season now (Kiefer Sutherland plays a protagonist in Dark City), and Dark City is out on blu-ray, so anyone who buys and watches it in hi-def will have it fresh in their mind.

Squish7: Squish has been making plans to fight for his full homepage back, re-organizing the format of the existing material, an add a significant area or two, particularly a section on Computer Vision Syndrome & Pigment Dispersion Syndrome, as one of the major things that's been going on in his life is his struggle with being able to look at a computer screen for long periods.  (Oh, the poor overtime we've pushed him through.  It's a wonder he sticks around).  As he makes no secret he thinks he's an absolute genius, surely he has plans to lead all CVSers & PDSers toward a final declaration of having cured cancer and will release his results once enough money has been mailed to his house.  The one thing all of us are concerned about is the people who are used to going to Squish7.com to get the XFBS7 index, but that seems minor compared to the fact that he should actually have his page back by now.  (We'll see.)

Xangles: Apart from the primary sagas of Xangles (the big ones are given separate domain names like Frangles & Blorkk for convenience, but they could very well reside on Xangles.com itself), the site Xangles.com has taken on a flavor of its own-- a fractally black & white visual style along with a few pages promising more fleshing out of the whole general concept of Xangles apart from the particular reading material; for instance, the philosophy page on which a few titles have been sitting there forever.  The purpose of a philosophy page (once things are written and posted) is not to post commentary about or explaining the fictional material, but to serve as equally valuable standalone stuff.  That's a big part of the over all Xangles concept, but to date we've mostly only posted humorous fictional material (we can only do so much).  Though some day soon (or later (or much later)) we'd like to start posting some serious (i.e. utterly non-humorous, like we're capable of that, rofl) philosophy.  (We'd originally planned to write normal, standard, potentially publishable philosophy theses, but now we're thinking that that kind of violates Xangles' mandate to do new creative things with expressive mediums, so we're thinking about how to actually write nonlinear papers rather than fiction, which is an enormously new and foreign front.  (But we'll get to it this century)).

Wallpapers (of Xangles / Frangles / Blorkk)  The wallpapers are starting to be a little hindered by Squish's problems staring at a screen for long periods, but there are still plenty of ones in the works.  If all else fails, we may just decide to post material that doesn't take as much time, such as fewer wallpaper sizes or stopping writing cool logos on them all, etc.  Though as said there are many gigabytes of uncut rendered fractal material and more accumulating all the time, so they are a very ongoing project.  Since that's what the majority of y ou come here for, you can be assured the free wallpapers are an extremely ongoing thing.  We're even thinking about starting to post free cell phone backgrounds.  Anyway, always check back now and then if something you like doesn't seem to be very active week to week.

Then there's all Squish's other miscelaneous stuff that gets updated or at least thought about here and there, which he's saying he'd like to possibly bring under the whole Xangles / XFBS7 roof, but neither we nor he are sure if there's room--even in an infinitely vast saga of expressive artistic mediums--for his whole haphazard lump of crap, but who knows.  Now, as we always suddenly say when we have so much more to say but no time to say it, check back check back check back.  (We'd say "subscribe" but this isn't YouTube, and our well-paid team of software engineers are all too busy Wiiing & PS3ing to bother building an actual mailing list or message board.)

January, 2010

Note that we're switching from bullshitting that we regularly update this page on the first of every month to a slightly more honest opinion that we post each month's update no more than a month or two after the month has gone by, requiring an extra month labeled "January" (because  an update posted "January 1" is a summary of December, making this post the rough equivalent of one labeled "February 1".  From now on we'll just post a monthly update at some point in that month, on the months we actually post updates of anywhere near the month at all, of course.  shhh!).  Remember we're always working on different things, so we can't update every page that says "updates" or "check back soon" with vehement frequency, so just check the Frupdates for all current day-to-day stuff happening around Xangles, Frangles, Blorkk, and Squish7.  Any updates anywhere in these four projects (and occasionally elsewhere, such as projects on other domains Squish has that he links to, etc) will be posted there as changes are made.  Ironically, we'll basically leave you at that without actually giving you any "January, 2010" update, because in all honesty it's already late February as this is being written (shshshshhh!), so we'll just cram the February update with about a month and a half of news, and try to post things mid-month after that, so that "[Month] Update" means stuff that will and/or is and/or did happen that month.  =).  [Note that we've now cleverly eschewed conviction of cramming an actual and a half months into the February updates, as the January 1 update was a lame general summary of the year milking the convenience of such an update fitting right in at the start of the new year.  Oh, what xangled webs we xite when stuffed with tardy things to write...]

January 1, 2010

It's a new year, and we have an exceptionally solid resolution.  Because procrastination of Xangles is getting inexorably worse, we hereby resolve to go back and post retroactive updates from now until then at least once this year, blaming the months they were "written but not posted" on a buggy krforb who's already giving us a look of foreshadowed resentment.  Xangles was started roughly around the start of last year, but since we're too lazy to think back that far (since this update--as noted--is likely being written mid-2010), we'll just say it "basically started at the start of its starting year".  So now that twisted logic has led to this month being the precise one-year anniversary of the launch of Xangles, let's go over a few random highlights, since there don't seem to be any exceptional ones.

                  1. Xangles--a philosophiscientificky world fusing great sagas of sagas with univi of real life creative philosophy, science, and religion--was launched.
                  2. No one gave a damn.  (Partially our fault, as we didn't bother actually posting anything to actually read.  We hoped you 'd all just stare at the main flashing main page for days on end until you developed epilepsy, but that didn't work out as planned.)
                  3. Xangles was linked to the actually-active sagas Blorkk and Frangles, calling them "Xangles sagas" in the slight hope the official claim would delude schizophrenic xeers into to make the connections that might create the illusion that all three were part of a crafted, self-intrinsic whole; Squish7.com was added in the same way except with only a shadow of a slight hope of the same effect.  Actually, in seriousness, while Squish7 and the domains it links to may not seem to have much of a connection at all to Xangles, Frangles, and Blorkk, Squish's humor & philosophy collected there over the years and that of his friends is an invaluable insight into the accumulated artistic experience of the most prominent Xangles / Frangles / Blorkk writer.  And that, in turn, gives insight into the humor and philosophy styles of Xangles, not just the material that Squish has written or worked on, but to the entire thing, given Squish's style is in the ballpark of the collective styles / senses of humor / philosophies / etc of all involved xiters.*
[*One might even say that Xangles--and perhaps any creative work of an individual or group of individuals produce--is much the work and style of everything inspiring it, or one even might say the collective sum of artistic experience over the life of anyone who's ever written a poem or come up with a band name.  Hence, even if we revealed precisely who and what is involved in Xangles' creation and ongoing writing, giving credit or designating talent or lack thereof would still be a vague and gray area.  [Keep in mind that from the very beginning we've kept the origins and author(s) of Xangles somewhat mysterious.  When we say "we", [we] could be being deceptive if Xangles is in fact the project of a single individual (excepting the already-noted limitations of any lone wolf being able to claim an artistic project is entirely a product of their own mind), and conversely, when we say "Squish", we could be deceptively attributing everything supposedly worked on by Squish to him when he might actually be a clever decoy recruited to pose as a Xangles / Frangles / etc writer having a sense of humor and philosophy similar enough to be able to make the claim with a strong case.  (And so on).  We repeat this all now and then partly to be honest, partly to suck you in with an enticing sense of mystery, but mostly to keep the !@#$ing lawyers off our backs.=P]
                  4.  In light of previous failures to start the next big cult or world religion with an annoying flashing main page and a couple paper clips, we started posting some very pretty fractal wallpapers to suck people in, because nobody was googling "fractal nonlinear schizophilosophiscientificy philosophy humor".  This indeed worked, spawning many debates on how much to sell out in favor of more marketable material.  (Kidding, of course)...(sort of).
                  5. The year went by and a lot of other stuff happened.  If you really want the details (excuse our laziness as as we said this is being edited retroactively and we still have 11 more months of monthly updates to write and post), you're very welcome to more of this page, as well as skim the 2009 and 2010 Frangles Updates pages, where most of the bulk Xangles-related news and announcements have been--and continue to be--posted.  If you ever find yourself randomly surfing Xangles/etc to find not much updated anywhere, keep in mind that Xangles is like an enormous construction project on which only a few parts can be worked on at a given time.  To follow that new and updated material (there are many hundreds of pages of reading material in all capacities, so only a little is added day-to-day, as with any large project), simply visit the Frangles Updates page (Frupdates) week to week, or even day to day when things are being updated often.  Keep in mind that we could be working on material at times that's not anywhere near postable, so if you see the Frupdates page suddenly slow in frequency of updates, that probably just means we're working on stuff we can't post day-to-day.  After all, most novels are drafted, polished, and then published in full.  Everything with Xangles just happens to be nonlinear in a way that chunks of material here and there can be posted as time goes by.  Xangles defies the idea of fully completed works; there's always more to write, xite, frite, and grite.

December 1, 2009

We regret to inform you that we're one month away from our one-year anniversary.  (To the best of anyone's memory around here anyway, which isn't a whole lot better than Skip's; maybe this is why we skip so many updates.)  We'll use this fortunate event to ramble about our lack of progress in general rather than attract attention to our recent lack of progress, because the latter happens to be a whole lot worse than the former.  (This is why we're starting early and hyping the one-year anniversary when really next month would be the best time to bother with it at all.)  That, and because we've developed the habit of only faking an update every other month, so if we don't really get around to a year's summary until February, now would be a great time to bother saying something about the soon-to-be-1-year-old Xangles.

November 1, 2009

We should probably tell you about now that our updates really have almost nothing to do with the posted dates, if you're dense enough not to have figured that out yourself.  This is because putting everything on the first makes the page look neat and organized and feigns the aura that we actually put regular work into all this shit.  Also, it reminds us every other month that two whole months have gone by without an update here, which pushes us into posting an update (and forging the month's before it claiming it keeps getting lost in an odd-even news-frwoa device anomaly; like this one right here which is actually being written on December 3rd.)  This would be a reminder every month except our laziness is so bad that even a monthly update is worth putting off for at least another month before writing it (hence the term "monthly").

October 1, 2009

It's starting to get cliche above and beyond redundant in bullshitting potential xeers (Xangles readers) that there's some mighty warehouse of hard drives of material we just haven't gotten around to posting yet.  One of the few Xangles fans we know commented this month, "Why don't I exist?"  And we replied, "We'd give you an answer if you did, or if you want, just go check out the 70 pages of Writer's Bricks posted this month."

This wasn't good enough, so the hallucinatory xeer continued: "I find it quite odd to believe that after an entire year, there isn't a single Xangles junkie demanding black and white Xangles wallpaper for their living room, or organizing manic Frangles conventions, or at the least, forming a few fight clubs in preparation for Xangles world domination.  I don't even have any friends to talk about Xangles to, since you haven't taken enough hallucinogens to think me up any friends, nor can I express my love for Xangles in any tangible way whatsoever seeing how I don't exist in any way, shape, or form.  I would express my disdain at being the only Xangles, Frangles, and Blorkk fan in the known universe (and intertwine this complaint cleverly with subtle Xangles / Frangles / Blorkk references that nobody would get except you guys), but since there isn't even one Xangles fan (let alone me), I can only start by complaining about a lack of coherent manuals on Unpopular Website Existentialism!

"For a full year all you've done is hype and type and delivered nothing but a couple shit novellas, and scribble a bit on people's desktops with your lame backgrounds.  For the love of god, would you simply break down and be honest for once and admit that you're full of shit and you don't have any more unposted material than the rest of this paragraph?  Just say, 'We lied, it's all lies, this is all there is,' and make a nutty xeer happy so I can get back to surfing eBay, Bing, and SexyYoopyHotSlutNaked.com.  You can take it down the moment you admit it (since gods of Florbb know I spend most of my waking hours hitting refresh on the updates page), but just post it, damn you, just once.  Just post in nice big bold letters, 'We lied, we fooled you, ha ha, evil triumphs because good is dumb,' and let me dissolve back into the oblivion from which I still haven't emerged from to date, despite a year's worth of work and forty trillion Xangles hits from URL typos of surfers trying to get to eBay, Bing, and
SexyYoopyHotSlutNaked.com.  Please?"

To which we finally responded just to be rid of the xeer's nagging, "Alright, we'll say it, but it won't be true," then thought better of the promise later, so here we go once again without any such ridiculous lie.  As they say in that old October 2009 Xangles update, "Xite and hype 'til reading's ripe."

To date, there are, at a rough estimate, at least 597 paperback-lengthed pages of Frangles prose written, with about 147 posted.  We of course got "597" and "147" by taking a decent  estimate of "600" and "150" and subtracting 3 from each, just to make it sound like we keep a perfect record of every single !@#$ing page.  Only someone who reported "597" and "147" would be competent enough to actually be genuine in their report, so just play along that we've done so, when in actuality the numbers are the general ballpark of "600" paperback pages written and "150" posted.  (For reference for those who can't count (we had to use a calculator), that's 25% of the written material posted).  Incidentally, another excellent sign of our report being genuine is the total lack of having to having to put the above numbers in bold seeing as how that would be a dead giveaway of our honesty.  So, once again, you can see it's definitely worth it to check back now and then and join the suspenseful mystery of when we'll get around to hitting the big "POST ALL" button in the main office  no xiter's bothered to notice yet.

As far as Blorkk goes, the medium of skit-prose is so bizarre that there's really no solid way of relaying how much material there is.  A skip skit (that is, a "skit-prose skit", also just a "skip", no relation to the main character of Writer's Bricks named "Skip") is more like a poem than prose, with incredible focus on each individual line and how they connect and self-interact.  Imagine a single ten-page poem that can be sliced and re-arranged into thousands of permutations of sub-poems that are all standalone works without the others, and that still are a solid foundation for even more than that to be inserted into.  That's the idea of the skit-prose of Blorkk ("hard to blite but a breeze to breed").  Only so much of it has been posted, for a bunch of  bullshit reasons:

1. Just to edit skit-prose requires special software, which we're still writing, but an early example of which is here.  To change the color of a single dialogue depth would require a thousand manual html edits in between the others, and to delete a single line of dialogue would require editing every single page of text that dialogue exists in.  Even worse is if the skip dialogue depths are written to be shifted around in various ways, which would require some type of real-time php shit that nobody with the time to do it knows how to do yet.  That is, rather than reading depth 1, then depth 1 & 2 together, then depth 1 through 3 together (as things are now), the reader could re-arrange depths at will, say, only depths 1, 4, 8, and 23, which would require real-time html to be generated rather than stored.  2. We're lazy.  3. We'd rather be Frangling.  4. It's more fun to hype skit prose than to write it.

As far as anything else goes, material on Xangles itself (here) has been almost nonexistent for all the above reasons since the start of this update, but oonnnce again, could be extremely thorough and lively and growing if we bothered putting up anything.  Some xiters have noted, "If Xangles stuff is all hype and no show, then what better place to not even hype anything than the main page!"  This is why we work on Frangles and Blorkk so much.  Or why at least somebody does, if XFBS7 altogether isn't just a stray AIM bot who got bored and wandered away from reporting news and weather in favor of something more challenging.

Oh, and above everything else mentioned, there's about ten gigs (literally) of raw high res fractal wallpaper sitting around that just needs to be shrunk and cut and posted.  Note that a single 12,000 X 12,000 bitmap--the largest render Fractal Explorer will allow (a free fractal generation program from which all the Xangles, Frangles, and Blorkk artwork is done) is a couple hundred megs, so two or three full backgrounds take up a full gig of disc space.  If you're wondering what that's for, just think of how digital televisions, monitors, and cameras are always increasing their resolutions (the number of pixels crammed into a certain area of space).  The higher resolution the better quality the picture; so clearly this could continue to infinity.  There's always value in being able to store and express more pixels.  Like that, a fractal can be rendered to indefinite precision, by either increasing the number of iterations, or rendering a larger fractal then shrinking it down when done.

Once again, getting those to you is not so much phobia of our "POST ALL" button as it is the extra work it takes just to cut, resize, store, tag, hue-alter, post, etc, those raw  fractals into exquisite polished downloads for all monitor sizes.  But they'll get there, just like everything else. (You wish).  We'll end with our usual urge to check back now and then as all this junk is posted, a promise that continuously evolves from being a baseless guarentee to one quickly gaining credibility as more and more is posted.  This month it was 67 pages of Frangles, next month it could be 67 backgrounds or phylical thesis, who knows!

To keep up with Xangles' progress, check here for once-a-month summaries, and check the Frangles updates page (frangles.com/updates) for constant day-to-day progress with all Xangles, Frangles, & Blorkk stuff, as Frangles it's the most active Xangles project and any new XFBS7 material posted (prose, backgrounds, whatever) will be posted there the day they're posted.

September 1, 2009

The idea of Xangles is to be a saga of sagas.  Part of that vision relies heavily on lofty, ridiculous hopes of Xangles' vast and infinite potential as time goes on.  Xangles as it is now is like a small starter business run by a couple brilliant-but-idiotic business junkies with some cool ideas for how to inflate it into a really big deal, or an author writing their first book with the dream of developing a solid hallucination that it will one day be a best seller, or a few philosophy majors founding  a University for Unreasonable Expectation of the Practicality of Studying Philosophy.  Xangles is a vast, ethereal, psychotic oasis for a wonderful world of worlds, and if it never amounts to anything more than a whole bunch of random s@!#, well, at least it worked.

Hence, as you can see there are many areas of Xangles unupdated, as much of Xangles is a template for future possibilities.  But make no mistake, Xangles is a heavily active and involved project.  A lot of that work is like building a giant subway or highway system that you won't fully see until the whole thing has been opened up (like in a couple billennia), but we post as much readable (and downloadable) material as we can, like opening up small sections of the completed subway or highway system as they become finished.

Now if your highly honed Xiter-bullshit-excuses-for-not-doing-a-damn-thing mental warning alarm is going off, be assured it's just a drill, and in full rancid objectivity, only a small smidgen of our analysis as of today is actual bullshit excuses.  (Or so you now think).  (See?  That was to throw you off).  (We're still doing it).  (The bad grammar isn't helping.)..  (Now you have no idea!  Mwuhaha--what do you mean that's not appropriate conduct for the Xangles update page?  Who the hell are you to--hey--what do you think you're--smghrggh..).

The areas that have been worked on and updated over the past few months are Frangles and Blorkk.  (Xangles sagas 1 & 2, respectively).  The Frangles Updates page constantly updated with all Blorkk and Frangles updates, so keep checking back there to see what's new as stuff progresses.  The main Blorkk page also lists recent Blorkk updates, and the XFBS7 index has been a little behind lately but is eventually made up to date, like this news page.  As you can see, part of the problem is in total hectic disorganization of exactly what goes where and how all the areas (and potential areas) of Xangles, Frangles, Blorkk, and Squish7 (the foursome called XFBS7 for the moment, or XFBS7.net), integrate and separate, etc.  As businesses often merge and fragment, so do the giant general ideas for the separate Xangles' artistic mediums (most notably right now, the skit-prose of Blorkk and the fractal fiction of Frangles).

Frangles especially has been worked on heavily, though only a fraction of that translates to posted material.  The prose is up to about 450 standard paperback reading pages of prose, but only a quarter is posted due to the dizzying headaches of organizing the material into official, readable structures.  Note that an enormous amount of the work put into Frangles is that of inventing this entire new medium altogether.  This is a much, much bigger project than your usual 450-page manuscript.  Frangles is an attempt to create the art of "fractal nonlinear prose," which sounds complicated, but it's as simple as the programmer knowing a complex language to design a very simple and friendly interface for the user.

Just think of reading / watching / seeing some book or film or painting that's easy to look at / watch / read, etc, but that the artist has put massive work into creating--brainstorming, researching, collaborating, drafting, revising, etc, etc.  Think how much brainstorming and work it takes just to draft a screenplay, let alone all the work that goes into producing the final movie that the audience simply sits down and enjoys like donuts.  Or that the surface level computer owner benefits from by just clicking a few things.  (But of course, if someone wants to get more involved in the complexities of the Xangles artistic mediums, they can do that too).  We're the DMs, you're the players, and you can just have fun, or not, or whatever!

Yet, since this idea of fractal fiction is an incredibly new thing, it's extra hard to do that programming / designing, etc, like building computers or making movies for the first time instead of simply making new programs.  So when you read through Frangles (and other Xangles material), keep in mind that much of the work being put into it isn't yet clearly apparent, as much of it is spent scribbling out plot and character templates and time lines, and dizzying endless maps fleshing out all sorts of complex plot intertwining that no one (to our knowledge) has ever attempted in the history of American literature.

Part of this journey even requires stopping to write software for Frangles and Blorkk just to be able to edit and read the material!  Blorkk's skit-prose, for instance, couldn't even be written without special editing software to splice and separate the nonlinear dialogue depths.  (Sounds complex, but again, it's hard to write, and easy to read).  So not only do Frangles and Blorkk have much material not posted, but even the design of the mediums and the software to be able to edit and read them is more production going on that isn't readily visible, but will be eventually.

This will all benefit the xeder ("Xangles reader") and freer ("Frangles reader" or "fractal reader") more and more as time goes on.  As simple software develops, even this will become available for the use of exploring the writing techniques that themselves also take time to develop, or that might have other more general uses for you.  For instance, some primitive software to insert a large group of text files into a couple html templates will soon eventually be available, letting a novelist post their book by designing an html reading page, then allowing the program to insert all the novel pages into it with different titles and links to the other pages, and so forth, or just anybody in general who'd like some basic free software to insert any kind of text files into html templates.  Very simple stuff, but hopefully it will grow in complexity in time as Xangles evolves.

Again remember, all the complexity of writing and "programming" the inventive arts of the sagas of Xangles is simply on the writer's / programmer's end; all the reader has to do is click left or right, up or down, and all that effort put into rich plot construction will be revealed as easily as sitting down and watching Fight Club or Memento and watching a fascinating crafted structure work itself out like cheesecake for the audience.  Bottom line, nobody around here has done a damn thing, so just keep hitting "Refresh" until you start seeing through all our bullshit excuses for total incompetency, and finally stop bothering.

August 1, 2009

Tragically, the Xangles Monthly Update Project (XMUP) has suffered a second--and possibly fatal--blow.   The first was when xiter incompetence landed a lack of a June update (other than the usual xiter bullshit that Xangles is all real and hence subject to freak frwoa anomalies that conveniently appear whenever a xiter has !@#$ed up or been just plain lazy).  The second occurred this month, when a xiter pointed out that no progress was made on a better bullshit cover story.  Then a xiter inquired, "Why the hell do we need better bullshit ones when real life freak frwoa anomalies do the trick?"  This made a lot of sense until someone realized the xiter actually thought freak frwoa anomalies were real, instead of the assumed suggestion that everyone begin acting as if they were until the mass hallucination caused the two to be indistinguishable.

This seemed to nullify the assumed suggestion, until the xiter offered, "Well how do you know I haven't already given myself some practice, have already deluded myself into the harsh reality of freak frwoa anomalies, and am unconsciously demonstrating a working example of the technique?"  The xiter was right,  because quite clearly, from either xangle, the xiter would have asked the exact same question, so no one could decide which one to associate with.  Someone flipped a coin,  but it hit a freak frwoa anomaly and there was nothing to do but relay the events of the meeting here in the hopes that posting a discussion about frwoa anomaly excuses would distract the xeer from the fact that there isn't one.  HoweverFrangles and Blorkk of late have been continuously updated, so check the Frangles updates page and Blorkk.com main page for up to date news on the only two known active Xangles projects anybody that anybody around here knows about knows about.  (Except for XanglesPrime, but YouTube just doesn't count).

July 1, 2009

Xangles' progress over the past couple months has been accumulating a lot of raw material.  It's up to about 600 pages of prose, plus a ton of unposted fractal artwork.  It's mostly Frangles, Blorkk, and Squish7 material, the last of which is being re-molded to fit the structure of Xangles (Squish doesn't quite know how he feels about being fictionalized into a tacky franchise character).  Not a lot of that raw material has been published because of the incredible need for pre-planning in designing fractal prose and artwork.  Consider that a standard novelist might spend a year writing a book before it's finally published.  A finished work of art requires a structure that's often not apparent until a full draft is written.  In some ways, that need is exponentiated when writing a structure of many, many novels and nonfiction material that's all designed to ultimately create a massive, enormous single piece of fractal nonlinear artwork (ultimately, it would be best to take fifty years and finish and polish every single bit of Xangles material, such as the 49-343 Frangles books, before publishing anything, but there simply isn't that much coffee in the world).

In other ways, a fractal structure actually it makes it much easier to publish material on a regular basis.  If each part reflects the whole, then publishing one paragraph or story or novel, is like publishing a microcosm of the entire whole.  If a creative story is drawn out from two character's points of view, then adding the xangles of other characters and other sub-stories can be accomplished in a fraction of the time.  The goal of Xangles is to expand continuously; to be made more in depth and thorough as time goes on.  One could say that part of the plot of Xangles is its own evolution into a vast engrossing universe.  Indeed, writers write what's on their mind, and the primary conflict on a full time xiter's mind is how exactly the hell this is going to work!  Hence that frustration actually works itself into the plot of Xangles.  (Imagine if Sauron's rage was fueled by the horrors of writers block on his latest Meg Ryan screenplay).

Still, in order to achieve fractal nonlinear artwork, a massive amount of planning and designing is necessary, which is why not a lot has been published in the last two months.  The more you know about the structure of the whole, the easier it becomes to write the prose.  Work is being put into the design; the type of work that makes the final product easier to produce as time goes on.  They say it would take you a lifetime simply to copy down the music that Bach wrote.  Bach wrote creative harmonies almost at the speed he could think.  The most fortunate and visionary artists find ways of translating the ideas in their head into tangible, corporeal forms as easy as inserting "as easy as pie" cliches into website updates for sites that are supposed to be radically creative and not use cliches at all or run on sentences for that matter.  Asimov wrote 400 to 500 books in the course of his life, because he had the vision of a whoooole friggin' lot to say and create, and the rare skill of outputting that as regularly as breathing, smoking, or jumping off a cliff.

The goal of Xangles is to achieve that type of output, except structure that output in a radical way.  Imagine if Asimov had organized all his works into a single, structured art piece!  That's the idea of seven cubed (343) 
Frangles books, and the vast interconnected realm of skit-prose of Blorkk.  Not just many many books connected via a vast structure, but a nonlinear structure as well.  A story that can be read in many different ways from many different points of view, or angles, within Xangles called "xangles" ("X-angles" or "any angle X"), and "frangles" (fractal angles).

Xangles is like a literary equivalent of Boston's Big Dig--the biggest highway megaproject in United States history--except it's under permanent construction.  Still, a lot of work has to be done before certain completed areas are opened up for use, because there'll always be a bigger area of the project as time goes on.  Xangles is inspired by the few artists to achieve an impressive over all structure over a long period of time, such as Babylon 5.  Joe Straczynski had a vision in mind for the entire five year Babylon 5 television series, and stuck to that vision as much as the market and medium of television allowed him.  Once he'd gotten enough of that structure and format under his belt, He was able to whip out episodes like magic.  But even the harsh instability of the television medium ate at the Babylon 5 project.  It was not promised a fifth year, and Straczynski had to wrap up the major plot points of his structure much too early, hurting the completeness of the final five year project.  Even at Babylon 5's beginning, no one could have known whether it would receive a five year contract.

These cruel limitations of the harsh world of publishing and marketing is what Xangles tries to overcome; to stay pure and passionate and true to a hopelessly unachievable and absurd artistic goal.  So please stick with us and check back now and then and see how that turns out.  The 600 pages of raw prose--plus much detailed fractal artwork written and rendered over the last half year needing fine tuning--should result in plenty to read soon enough.

...unless we're just completely bullshitting you to get a few check-back hits.

Time will tell.

June 1, 2009

The June update mot or mot not have been deleted due to a freak space-time anomaly linking the fictional character Darlene's computer at the dawn of time with the real life servers at GoDaddy.com.  This also mot just be a bullshit excuse for not publishing anything this month, or, more likely, xiter time has been very well spent on the constant accumulation of raw material (prose, artwork, and blueprints), which mot or mot be explained thoroughly in the above update.

May 1, 2009

The infinite, vast and timeless May Xangles News Update project began a month ago for the single reason that stopping with the very first update would be just plain moronic.  It's hence decided there shall be a plethora of such monthly updates, quite fortunate for Xangles because if the ambitious ongoing project (which has had no thought of stopping whatsoever) continued without the updates, there'd be quite a lot of confused xeaders (except the ones who actually understand Xangles, and we have yet to meet one, mostly because we have yet to meet anyone at all who actually reads this !@#$).  If there was such a person, they would probably notice the horrid lack of Xangles book stores, pet stores, universities, publishing companies, illegal fractal pornography websites, and fields of inverse logic study at Harvard and MIT, that would probably exist by now if any xiter was pumped with enough psychotic drugs to imagine the project was that significant.  As it is, it mainly exists as a planetary evolution homework assignment of a remote net nerd krforb who has nothing better to do than pimp it out until human brains start falling out so it can finally go play some Angband five trillion.

We should have frangles.com up very soon, so the two elderly flutons on Echelon-9 with Alzheimer's who are actually reading the saga out of lack of anything better to do than brush their imaginary dentures, can brush assured that life will be a tad more interesting given the confusion of having to remember a whole nother domain name instead of the convenience of one.  The most construction this month was on Area 51 of Xangles Blorkk.  An Area 51 Introduction has been added as well as depth five and depth six.  
An increasing frustration is how much of each saga's secrets to give away and how much to hold back.  Nonlinear fiction (stories fritten to be read in many different orders and still be coherent) may make it easier to post things at random as projects progress, but makes it much harder to make key decisions about--and later revisions of--the completed whole: the over all structure which can often hinge on a keystone chapter, sentence, word, or even a single letter or apostrophe (as you'll see in depth six).  Yet as Xangles borrows from all the art in society around it, it tries to give back as well, so feel free to experiment with any of those "secrets" (i.e. the creative literary techniques demonstrated in the hundreds of pages of material), which is much more packed full of fresh templates and writing techniques than a book of the same length (which is another plus of the downside of distracted nonlinear writing).

The entire Xangles network in all capacities contains about 400 pages of material so far (what's being called XFBS7, or Xangles Frangles Blorkk Squish7, for now).  As it's spread over many domains and very different artistic styles, a good site map and index are essential for reference and for blinking quickly around the sites.  You can access the site map indefinitely at xfbs7.net soon (temporarily for now at squish7.com), and the full index of key terms at xangles.com / i (or xangles.com/terms)  Temporarily you can also use the .net keywords okuaka, florbb, botorb, and krforb
to get around (i.e. okuaka.net, florbb.net, etc), until someone finds something more useless for them to do.  (Like imploding a whole ku somewhere).  Recent updates will always be listed on the site map so you don't have to refresh 400 !@#$ing pages looking to see if anything's changed, and likewise the index of key terminology, etc, will change as more stuff is added.

If the writing techniques of any Xangles material inspires you, then in regards to copyright, we feel morality should come before legal details.  So if you experiment with Xangles writing techniques, please simply exhibit common sense courtesy and use Xanglic ideas creatively for your own artwork rather than closely mimicking or parroting a particular writing style or character, etc.  Xangles adheres closely to United States Fair Use law (see Wikipedia for an article, and TubeRights.org for Squish's take on Fair Use in regards to YouTube) and similar laws in other countries.

<Pik or Kal, please insert a witty, inspiring, climactic May Update last line here when you have time, and erase the memories of everyone who reads this note and gets confused before you did.  Thanks.>

April 1, 2009

The infinite, vast and timeless Xangles project began a half year ago for the heavily guarded single secret reason that the domain frangles.com wasn't available.  "Xangles" (pronounced "zangles") was the next coolest sounding word, and everyone involved shrugged and figured it would work if we decided the word was an intentionally brilliant creative addition to human vocabulary and art.  But since the title for the original seven-novel project 'Frangles' was actually coined for a reason (condensing the term "fractal angles"), no one knew what that mock intentional brilliance was going to be.  After that was given up on and we were amassing the weapons of mass destruction we'd need to go to war with Webster to change the spelling of the word "fractal" to "xactal," a fracolic dolphin named Kolphin swimming by the project in a parallel frwoa suggested that 'xangles' mean any 'x-angle' or 'angle x,'  diminishing the poetic beauty of "fractal angle" to a dull mathematical allusion, but saving us from an another unnecessary literary war, a benefit eventually neutralized since we obtained frangles.com anyway, now under construction.

Now having a meaning, what was to be done with it.  At first we intended to just rename the Frangles saga: seven humorous novels that are probably closest to the work of Douglas Adams, except with a very unique structure never attempted in Earth fiction, and a whole ton of creative fractal / scientific / philosophical / religious themes.  But "xangles" ended up just sounding horrible when inserted in the prose because it was written with the feel of the cooler and more addictive sounding word.  With that in mind, it seemed a greater loss and just plain dumbass to rename the whole saga because the domain name might never become available.  So we simply started the Frangles site under Xangles, which brought forth the idea that Xangles could be designed as a blanket site for other things as well.  And since there were other ideas on back burners for other sagas, Xangles became what we're now calling a whole saga of sagas.  If a saga of seven interconnected nonlinear books was a good idea, why not brainstorm--and create room for--a useless plethora of others?

So now we have some rough but solidifying idea of the structure of Xangles.  Xangles 1 is the saga Frangles, a seven book humorous fractal saga.  Frangles takes place in our known universe (Okuaka), covering it from the big bang to big crunch.  Xangles 2 is Blorkk (blorkk.com), the second known universe discovered, being an innovative new medium for comedy and writing: skits meets prose meets confusing circu-linear time lines, intermixing some of the Frangles universe and philosophy and terminology.  Blorkk is a whole new thing, rather than writing seven more books of the same Frangles nonsense.  Xangles 3 through 5 are just some vague brainstorming for sagas, and Squish's homepage Squish7 has become Xangles 7, lamely disguising a web page that happens to be already there as a whole creative project, imagining that someone's website could be a saga in and of itself.  Partly because Squish contributes billions of dollars and resources of his Internet fame and fortune and writing to the project (and hence the themes of Xangles intertwine with his some of his own material and philosophy), but mostly because Squish 7 is a perfect other name for Frangles: a "squish" of seven books.  Hence at the moment of Squish's assassination, Xangles will finally be fully complete in its domination of super neat domain names to host the whole damn thing, and Squish's lame ideas about world domination via armies of purple platypi and so on, will be out the window.

Since it's still very early in the evolution of all Xangles projects and none are published yet off the Internet due to the insanity of most publishers requiring at least one full manuscript before signing a thousand book multi-saga contract, we're still having fun tweaking the ideas of what will happen with Xangles and Frangles and Blorkk and Squish7 and everything else.  We're thinking Frangles can actually be even more structured than originally planned, perhaps each book could be composed of seven novellas, written so that the various novellas--exactly as they are--can be switched around in different ways to make new books, increasing the non-linearity and flexibility of the saga.  Of course this idea could continue ad infinitum, why not write so that every other page forms a saga; or every other word, and so on, but who the flying hell has that kind of time or is that bored.  But in any case, it's going the structure will be exponentially more interesting than anything done before.

Recently we've added a whole bunch of fractal wallpapers ('cause who wants to read about fractals when they can just see a picture and get the whole idea anyway, and nobody on Google is searching for "free fractal fiction"), and are starting to post some fractal videos on YouTube, at YouTube.com  / XanglesPrime.  So check back with everything now and then to see what's new, or just do some drugs and hallucinate the project out of a lazy unrealized brainstormed bunch of crap, to the reality of a full, genius, addictive, and marketable project.  We know we have.