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Raw math and logic -- unfiltered and untainted by a human intellect which at its core opposes truth via the fallacies of creativity and passion -- alone and in silence generate the objectivity that philosophy not only can never hope to achieve, but by its very existence innately opposes.  That philosophy begins in wonder is a destructive precedent for a discipline seeking unbiased truth.  The moment we begin to feel fascination with a philosophical field is the moment we loose our credibility to objectively study or teach it.  The impulse to acquire knowledge, the passions of challenging or defending established notions, and the philosophical mandate to drag the ignorant into the light of our own realities, destroy our hope of acquiring objective knowledge before the journey has even begun.

We've had comments expressing the ineffablely inspirational and thought-provoking nature of the list of eight random mot-be bulsh titles put here since the dawn of time (or at least Xangles) of philosophy ("philo") papers we announced we'd at some point be less than fully procrastinating, along with the entire idea of medium- solidified Xangles philo (philosophy).  That is to say, the ineffably inspirational thought-provoking philosophy of Xangles is exactly that in our heads, but to actually do a damn thing about working it into narcoleptically boring papers and theses is a task we decided we could procrastinate forever by posting you the ineffably inspirational and thought-provoking titles of papers we'd probably write if we were at all competent.

However, our hopes for eternal eschewal started suffering when we realized the comments expressing the ineffably inspirational and thought-provoking nature of the titles we compressed our entire philosophies into, were at the least mildly sarcastic, and at the worst, outright death threats.  Indeed, perhaps there should be more than none whatsoever of the  medium- manifested (written down) philosophy of an ambitious vast timeless radical medium changing saga that frequently refers to the "sciences and philosophies" of itself.  E.g., the "sciences and philosophies of Xangles".  Or "Xangles' sciences and philosophies."  Or "the great medium-surpassing philosophies of sciences of Xangles."  Or "The philosophies and sciences of Xangles, the only bloody thing we ever announce is the entire point of Xangles... (with the exception of 1000 - 2000 PLP of ridiculous humor no one ever reads, depending on what you contrive as counting as official humor material...  for instance, this infectious humorous blurb incidentally destroying the absolute faint hope of building a deep, serious, and scholastically respectable Xangles niche).  Hence, not actually documenting any of our "philosophies" (or sciences, for that matter, which is even more bulsh because we don't even have those in our heads yet, let alone telling you about it all) leaves you extremely blind into why all the stories and humor are scholasticariffic time-surpassing masterpieces.

To bypass our indecipherable humor as we occasionally do (which may become a habit when we realize no journals will publish our theses until we stop inserting words like "scholasticariffic" and "smorshal warmper"), you may know that there is much, much more actual, RRL (real real life) philosophy, theme, and meaning to Xangles fiction.  You probably get our general gist that Xangles is a prolific multi-angled approach to art, philosophy, and science, and may even pick up on a little of the latter two that the foremost innately includes, but you can't have any idea how much thought and design did or didn't go into the significance and structure of the fiction, unless we tell you (or contrive for you and lie about after the fact).  In fact, one point we make is that much of the meaning and depth in a story or work of art lies in the number of papers and people analyzing it as such.  J.R.R. Tolkien announced of the people who would write papers and articles and even college theses analyzing the meaning of Lord of the Rings, "It's only a story!"  Or on the other end, take Douglas Adams.  Much of his humor is funny because it satires real life "arts, philosophies, and sciences" (to throw in our term that could probably be replaced by a better and more relevant one here but isn't for demonstrating our point), but no one's formed a body of philosophical or physical study examining the issue of bricks that don't hover (or something of Douglas Adams more  worth examining in real life philosophies and sciences, eschewed here under further destruction of Xangles hopes for seriousness with fun witty humor).

So, we plead the xidth with precisely how much developed analysis., theme, documentation, etc, we have to throw at you to get you to think our 1000 PLP of fiction (only half-posted or so) has any sort of real life, tangible, mundane point or meaning of any sort.  Bur, we can assure you it is steadily crawling its way up our to-do hierarchy from never to soon-eol.  ("Sooner or later as always", which just about means never in practice, but not quite, at least if you're a good translator of our bulsh fun terms that absolutely don't belong in official philosophy updates, never mind the papers themselves; part of the reason we're procrastinating them).

One bit of progress we have made on the philo front is our viciously self-loathed decision to write any Xangles philo nonlinearly.  (In a similar format to Frangles' 7^5 reading structure, except smaller and easier to grasp and navigate.)  That is, Xangles philo paragraphs and passages will serve as modules (fragments or pieces, or what we call "bricks" in Frangles) that may be combined in many various combinations to form different real, publishable philosophy papers and theses.  (Rather than different stories, as it works in Frangles' nonfiction... or different skits, in the case of Blorkk's skit-prose which is fragmented line by line instead of passages or pages.)

The paragraph you see at the top of the page is an epitome example of a prose module that will be able to serve as content of xillions of different theses/papers.  If you take the imagination you've all had as to what our handful of titles (of linear papers which we were planning to write, which will have to be abandoned in favor of our tricky titling system that's needed to designate titles for so many different papers, hence their removal at the predicted detest of everyone who's college studies were based on the ideas we compressed into them) were or might have been all about -- or more importantly, what type of papers intrinsically they might have generated if anyone at all were handed the title and instructed to write a paper based on the topic -- then you have a good start into the concept of our modular nonfiction prose (the system of re-arranging paragraphs into various orders to form many varying papers).  As is, the paragraph may "go" in may directions if it were the start of someone's publishable linear paper.  The idea of Xangles versatility of attacking things from many angles dictates we not do so, but rather follow it with many different papers.  This expands the paragraph into a greater depth than simply writing a paper with it as its start would.

If you'd like a better idea of the structure of our evolving philo, you can examine the fleshed out structure of Frangles' fiction.  Frangles' hundreds of posted pages of material should give you a good rough idea of how our nonlinear philosophy will function.  And, if you'd like more of an idea of the content of some of our philosophy, you can read some of Squish's philosophy "papers" (he considers the internet "publishing" his theses that no one with any brains may ever publish).  Squish is of course not the only xiter philor (frangle- depending), but he's the only one who's posted online any relevant or muse material.

For explanations of any internal terminology you don't here catch, catch the Xangles Index of Terms next time it pops up in your browser... like if you click that link, for instance.  In particular, take note of the Xangles term for philosophy ("philo" or "phylo", the latter leaning more fictional, and the former more real life).  These are largely shorter terms for the four-syllable word "philosophy", but they also have a connotation of Xangles' philosophy specifically.  The terminology will continue to flesh itself out as Xangles philo is more developed.

Take the followiong strong mental note about how and when we progress with this or that Xangles "niche"  (projects like Frangles and Blorkk and their sub-areas, and nonfiction projects like this section).  Since Xangles is so large and vast an idea and eclectic project, xillions of things will be left undeveloped in favor of the things which are.  At the moment our site/domain structures are not well formatted in terms of getting you to the most relevant and active areas of Xangles.  For instance, you may have clicked this link a dozen times over the past two years to find the same under construction note, when you could have been clicking over to Flutonia, for instance, which now includes a growing paperback novel's worth of reading material.  Keep in mind Xangles as a whole is always an active project.

The best place to keep up to date on what's actively happening week to week is to visit whatever updates page is being updated most frequently, which you can always get to with the URL (Xangles.com / UP
 ) This currently forewards you to the Frangles updates page (FRANGLES.COM / UP ) which is the most updated place for news at the moment, as its the most active Xangles project.  You can check in with the month to month Xangles progress specifically at (Xangles.com / News)
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