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Last Updated: July 7, 2010
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Return of the Attack of the Mutant Ninja Killer Rocks 2\ (RRL frwoa): This was a 10 minute or so high school production video that Squish (a friter) and his friend Sam (intrinsic honorary friter) completed as a final project in a TV production course.  The main conflict and source of humor is the ironic disharmony between the subject of real-time dynamic horror and death, vs. the fact that rocks do not move.  Solid and stationary formations are unlikely to threaten harm or create potentially fatal scenarios, hence are not likely to induce horror or fear.
       The movie is sometimes / often referred to because it's a very rare instance of several different categories of potential fourthwalse (medium surpassing) jokes, i.e. ones that make the reader or freer dizzy by intermingling pure fiction with some level or another of real or real real life (RL, or RRL).  It is the only frwoa (or one of a scant handful) occupying the following categories dealing with real real life: 1) friter-produced TV/film.   2) TV/film featuring friters.  3) Major-esque official productions that can be referenced fully free of Fair Use issues.  4) Early semi- published friter material (i.e. a semester final project).  5) Semi-major high school frwoas of friters and/or friends.  6) RRL frwoas with extremely long titles.  (This is a nontrivial point, as Frangles often uses seeming run-ons as an style of escalating / cumulative humor, and 99% of this involves internal Frangles self-references).  And so on for other minor catagories or ones where it's not as unique (frwoas with funny credits, frwoas featuring rocks, etc.) (rotaotmnkr2/ Ramnkr2/ rotaotmnkr/ ramnkr/ roaomnkr2/ roaomnkr/ return of the attack of the mutant ninja killer rocks\}

Squash/ (semi-RRL character) [Origin: "Squish" with the 'i' changed to an 'a' (big diff)]
A semifictional take of the RRL friter Squish.  That is, Squish inserted into Frangles prose with the infinitesimal difference of a single vowel change.  This sort of character can act as a strange or surreal bridge between real life and fiction.  That is, the RRL friter "Squish" -- as with any artist's or writer's stage or pen name, or even general nicknames, aliases, alternate personas, etc -- can be said to be a bit more "fictional" less "real life" than the flesh and blood human with a first and last name and social security number.  This is augmented a bit when someone like Squish writes for Frangles, which takes that sort of relationship between real and semi-real or fictional to a whole new level.  Hence, actually making an official fictional version of Squish within Frangles prose can almost seem to reflect back as having sort of "fictionalized" Squish.*
Although, keep in mind here that Frangles has very precise and developed boundaries between real life and fiction, especially when it comes to legal purposes.  Squish is the nickname of a fully real real life comedian, whose alias (stage name / pen name, etc), officially, is just like any other RRL person's alias of its type.  The fictional or potential xangle/frangle that Squish's website (or/and Squish himself) is the 7th Xangles saga doesn't include any real life claims or statements that Squish or his site had anything to do with Xangles prior to the latter launching, let alone that Squish is solely a contrived fictional persona.  Squash is the opposite, in that he's entirely fictional and more like a character based on Squish rather than visa versa (etc).]

frink/ (n/Frangles) [Origin: "frangles ink" or "fractal ink", i.e. ink used to correct or edit physical papers or documents; also, various terms with "ink" or "inc": Publish Ink; Frangles Inc; etc.] Frangles' commentary & correction mark-up notation (lengthen definition).  It's mostly used for making notes of certain sorts ("some sorts" might work better here) throughout Frangles story prose for later reference.  E.g. things that need editing, revising, expanding, etc., etc... (your ad here) (visit eee.expanding.etc.etc.net!)  It evolves over time into a more complex and intuitive system more and more useful and usable for other purposes or adaptations (too bulsh?) (or not to bulsh; the question all friters face) (rofl).  One negative consequence of this is a lack of standardization as things change.  A script that parses (ic:deals with) frink notation -- for instance, removing all frink markup in a text file to create a postable brick, given frink markup is made as removable as possible) -- may have to take into account multiple notation versions (current, previous, future, failed, etc). This can be problematic especially when it involves accumulated comments over time between one or multiple friters. ("writers" instead of "friters"?) (no, we made a resolution to avoid our commitments not to overmarket our idiot terms this year) (more like decade) (more like billennia) (hey, that's not nice) (lol) (are we confusing the freers by inserting frink comments in basic parenthases(sp) instead of standard frink notation?) (the differing sizes aren't helping either) (well what else are we supposed to do? any notation that would demonstrate frink markup(rel:xink) could be misinterpreted by a compiler(sp?) as actual frink markup. and putting in some random shit symbols we don't use would probably inspire squish to go invent an actual system with that notation anyway, so it's a no-win) (hey that's not nice) (it's the truth) (touche) (this dialogue is so absolutely not the epitome or even anything vaguely(better word) to do with actual frink(rant uses "frink" too much; fix this)) (especially given freers are likely to interpret this as a contrived dialogue for the purposes of this term definition rather than(sp?) an(sp?) grr(more rs?), i'm not even sure what i'm saying anymore wouldn't err, whatever, i think i'm drunk (is this supposed to be jet speaking?) (it's supposed 2b ambiguous)) (try capitalizing while frinking, it helps. (frinkitalizing? capitalinking?) oh wait, were you making a pun involving "frinking"? like you're been frinking so much, so now you're drunk? (frunk?)) (that's not what i meant but that's good.  don't frink and frite, everybody!) (or frink and free...) (that too) audio-text dictation conversation being inputted by orbo as we speak) (which it isn't) (hey, a little extra confusing theoretical non sequiturrr nevermind i don't know what i'm saying anymore) [DX8: They wouldn't actually change tots as they were typing, they'd just backspace and correct. Is this a mistake? / Shut up we're not supposed to be commenting. There's a small chance of an ad12-xd8 frwoic anomaly which would exponentiate the idiot confusingness of this term def [use "definition" here? abbreviation may be too confusing given the infinitely exponentially increasing confusingness of this def depth] / you mean confusion? "confusingness" isn't a word. Maybe you should get off ggrurlgrum and go back to school / oh, go frink yourself / (that didn't make any sense) [(and there's an extra slash where it shouldn't be) (not the time, Bob) [("not now Bob" would be more concise) (and would alliterate better) (what a decision!)] (touche) (grr) (ugh!) (grr)(rrg?) (blah) (asdf) (smurglenorf)] (The End! Tune in next week for a gram of sense) [(This can't possibly still be going on) (The vice of xiter mania)] (tou..!@#$ing..che) (EOL)]

Delbrient/ (ship) [Origin: a term largely phonetically inspired by a certain fusion or arrangement of the ships or ship classes: Defiant, Enterprise, Firefly, and White Star, from the RRL television shows (respectively) Deep Space 9, Star Trek, Firefly, and Babylon 5]  The space vessel / starship / ship / etc, of Captain Keffrick.  From a parody perspective, the most generic, cliche, and average space vessel / starship / ship / etc, possible.

fourthwalse/ 4thwalse/ 4thw/ (adj) [FOURTH-whalce] [Origin: mainly a phonetic fruse of the phrases fourth wall surpassing, referring to the movie technique of looking at the audience, "breaking the fourth wall".  That is, breaking down the invisible "wall" we're looking through (assuming the actors are in a basic four-wall room) that would otherwise block our view.  This metaphor got mentioned so often in Frangles that it got annoying to go through it all the time.  Now you have to go look it up whenever you forget.  Not that breaking X.I.T. format to refer directly to you (the reader) (that's you) (and your peeps) is a caring and confusion-eschewaling way to demo you fourthwalse, but it works.  See?  Incidentally, the below definition (we're still not there yet here we goooogle (almost)) isn't all that super, but the prodigy examples after it pretty much kick some ass.  (No relation to the song How Many People Want To Kick Some wait nevermind i can't say the full title it's a copyrighted rrl song and i forgot my fourthwalse broomstick to the following oh am i still in a "italiparentical" imagine thart? or should i say "we" as that's more "fourthwalse?" dumb frangles terms oh this is jet now by the way if that adds more "fourthwalse" dumbness for u.. me? us?...tho i reeeally hope you're a cute girlie bc otherwisewalse were gonna hav2 break up (with whoever we're dting,lol) (not tht we can see eachother after we break up with our co-peeps but u still get the pt at least i hope so..okay the followings the rrrrl definition 4fourthwalseing i better turn on italipower to make apart the supplemexepsionary jet prodigy fuel from the actual rrrrrrrrrrl definition i mot mot mot not have mot written meself rit now k.1.enter!!now here we goooogle)] Anything that relates to the intermingly, intertwining, shifting, surpassing (your rhymezone.com synonyms here) of any type or combinations of artistic medium(s) (books, poetry, movies, music, napkin poetry, dance, cartoons, etc) involving a relationship between fiction and reality of some sort.  For instance, I just edited a mistake I found in the term Return of the Attack of the Mutant Ninja Killer Rocks 2, and now I don't feel I should finish this sentence given I have the surereal feeling I shouldn't have suddenly started speaking in 1st or 2nd person or whateer this is. What do you think? Helllooo? ANybody? Orbo? Pikq? ORBO! WHAT THE !@#$@#@ NO_CAR_pigeon) =>P.  (examples for you all peeps btw this iz jet again i mot not not of went away anyway but aybe i never left here take these untiul i forgret): "What a fourthwalse index term!" / "Jet's the man and this makes no sense!" / "Only egostatistical fourthwalse friters change there name by a single letter to mary sue himself into Frangles (& friends)(lol) (parenthestical comments by yours truly thank you all now i'll let u figure out if i did this whole thing prolly not ruokman what r u on oh its JETFUEL the drug that kills with one gulp have safe lovemaking all ou maried peeps oh wat squish migt sensor thart. that? thart? go googrurlgurm rangers 46!)(yes we're still in a doublequote thingamugde and prolly bunch of others but ill finish this 1 at leastready here it is look close now u migt miss it:"

nonk/ (n/v/x/z/q) [Origin: "nun" + "monk"] a nun-monk. (enougnonk said)

iPong/ (n) [fused origin/def] A careful phonetic average of "iPod", "iPhone", and "iPad", meant for parody rather than insertion of trademarked products.  Note Frangles has precise legal policies regarding these sorts of matters; in short, even using the terms "iPod", "iPhone", and "iPad" as is can arguably (not intrinsically or automatically by any means, as these matters vary from case to case, judge to judge, etc.) fall under Fair Use rights and right of parody (at least in the U.S.), but a slang non-trademarked term most certainly falls outside of copyright law even disregarding extra right of parody laws.
       It is not, however, out of the realm of possibility to argue that a phonetic average derived intentionally from trademarked words and used in a way relating to the derivation actually violates the original registered trademark.  But because even that the moon is made of walruses is arguable with these issues, Frangles doesn't worry about the extreme ends of infringement terror, as little lawsuit deterring is absolute.  Frangles generally just sticks to the more black and white magnitudes of the Fair Use gray spectrum, or the safe ends of the general moral and legal "parody pole", as with this term.
       Keep in mind with this derivation that frenetics (Frangles phonetics) often involves averaging certain orders of terms as well as average their intrinsic syllables, which can vary from coining to coining.  But, regardless of the particular method, the term "iPong" might have been chosen in any case, given frenetics usually involves choosing a close result rather than an exact or near-exact result depending on the meanings and connotations of the words that are close.  That is, the word "pong" was chosen over a particular handful of other potential close matches as it sounds kind of cool, and has an RRL meaning as well.
       1. "iPod + iPhone + iPad".  2. "iPhone + iPod + iPad".  3. "iPod + iPad + iPhone".  4. "iPhone + iPad + iPod".  5. "iPad + iPod + iPhone".  6. "iPad + iPhone + iPod".  7. generic parody of any sort of fun device manufactured by the RRL company Apple8. Any sort of fun device.  9. A generic device.  10. A siff device being used in a non-professional way.

ffreer/ [Origin: the word "freer" with an extra 'f' to emphasize "Frangles" (or perhaps "frangles", being a little more of a general word than a particular project) rather than "fractal"]  1. "freer without the fractal".  That is, all the senses of the word "freer" that specifically apply to Frangles rather than general meanings.  2. What a RRL friter types when their 'F' key is stuck for a brieff moment.

amnesia vu\ um, i forget... or did i forget yesterday?  yes, what a lapse of memory that was.  i remember those days... that day?  what day is it?  ah, mr. calendar! my nemesis!  we meet again!  what you mean you don't remember me?  you already played that prank yesterday.  or was it last month?  did i already go through this joke?  how did it start.  let me wrap up.  yes i'm definitely repeating myOH THAT'S WHERE MY SHIFT KEY WENT TO LATER JRfREERS

Frex/ (RL/RRL project) [Origin: A lazy phonetic mesh of a lot of other lazy phonetic meshes (aka Frangles terms) that mot or mot not have anything at all to do with it, but may be relevant in one way or another (possibly a lot) (or a little) (or some in-between level of magnitude)]
       The collective, re-usable, patentable processes and creative methods of which Xangles, Frangles, and related projects are epitome applications and demonstrations of.  Xangles and Frangles help explain and demonstrate Frex concepts and its usefulness, though the methods may be implemented in infinite other ways and projects.
       For instance, Frangles fleshes out a fresh way of writing and reading stories via nonlinear structures.  This idea (as it's demonstrated and developed by/via Frangles) can be put to absolutely endless other uses.  But for historical convention, we might be living in a literary world where all writing has always been written in such a way (nonlinearly, or at least as developed by Frangles).  Hence not only is Frangles fiction only one implementation of such nonlinear methods (as a book is to a library, or even to all possible books), but the whole general method of nonlinear fiction in all capacities itself serves as a small example of how this process and these concepts can be applied in other ways and mediums.  It's core to the development of Frex in that abstract concepts must be fleshed out to gain definitive, mundane, tangible coherence (especially legally), but in theory doesn't have anything more to do with Frangles and Xangles (and friends) than a computer language (e.g. Perl, BASIC, C, C#) has to do with a specific program written in that language, or that a spoken language (e.g. French, Russian, Penguin, Ferret) has to do with a specific artwork in a specific medium making use of (the) (spoken) language, such as someone's particular poem (e.g. The Raven, The Road Not Taken, My Haiku Will Never Make the Top Three List, etc.).
       Frex and Frangles/etc are developed side by side, along with the quantifiable, registerable, on-paper tangibility and documentation of Frex.  Xangles and Frangles (etc) seek not just to influence art by example, but by documenting and making accessible the core creative concepts that fund, form, structure, and stand behind them.  The term "patentable" as opposed to "patented" or "unpatented" is key to the core of Frex and what it's all about.  While this or that Frex idea or method mot be or become legally patented or distributed at such and such point in time, Frex's nature and organization (and what distinguishes it in part from Xangles/etc) is akin to that of the type of technical fleshing out and written development that's required for a patent to be registered or fly, or more in general, for a complex concept to be able to be read, understood, and adaptable by other artists and developers.
       Because of this tangible nature, a lot of Frex's development and documentation is kept private rather than made public (especially key terms that mot become trademarks, products, and the like), but it's perfectly capable of being reverse engineered via public material, e.g. what's online to see and read. (Note that this in no way means hat Frex concepts or methods -- that is, the ideas/concepts behind Xangles/etc -- are offered without question for external use, especially where they fall under protection of law -- copyrights, trademarks, patents, an so on -- accepting when/where otherwise officially stated/noted.  Please contact us if you want to closely or recognizably mimic or utilize an idea, concept, method, format, or template described or demonstrated via Xangles, Frangles, or related projects.)
       There are also developed and developing Frex concepts that haven't been posted or implemented.  Xangles and Frangles (and friends) are a lot older than the more recent idea to work the methods generating or supporting them into a general unified coherent set of tangible methods.  (As is the creative abstract ideas in the heads of their creators older than any of them.)  Something so vast mot be difficult to describe and explain even when ready and grounded, never mind the initial intangible and abstract notions we have about how to get it there and what precisely it will be when it's well-developed.  But, don't fret, you're sure to find out sooner or later.  (That is, if anything Frex ever gets taken off our to(not)do lists).

L-level/ llevel/ (n) [fused origin/def]  The "L" (or extra "l" in the case of "llevel") in this term stands for "life", though this simple abbreviation comes from a more meaningful or relevant process.  The concept of the term "real life" when its used in relation to fiction (i.e. in the distinguishment of fiction from reality) is core to Xangles and related projects.  The term "real life" is often abbreviated "R/L" or "RL" in digital or virtual communication or game mediums apart enough from reality to make frequent use of the term (chats, texts, RPGs, VR, etc.)  This was quickly adopted by Xangles and its sagas, which deal with all sorts of intermingling levels of reality, a deep spectrum from unreal to real, and also has a fetish for obsessively condensing used terms.  "RL" is hence frequently used, and an extra "R" was tacked on for an additional term denoting the epitome of the real and mundane ("RRL", that is, "Real Real Life").
       This of course presents as potential counterparts the acronyms/terms "FL" (or "F/L") and "FFL" for "Fictional Life" and "Fictional Fictional Life".  (An example of the latter would be a fictional character telling or writing a fictional story themselves.)  Now, within this term set, the adjective "L" naturally presents itself, especially because the letter "L" as used mot remind us of size abbreviations (L, XL, XXL, etc; that is, large, extra-large, and extra- extra- large).  The prefixes "R", "RR", "F", and "FF" are all acronyms for modifications, hence the lone acronym for that which is being modified, that is, "L", comes into question.  However, "life" as a standalone word has a much greater meaning or connotation than how it functions within this specific set of terms/ideas, that is, with the meaning, "life that may be potentially fictional or real", or "life in the sense that realness is an intrinsic issue with it", or "life in the context of some sort of discussion about the nature of reality".
 Hence, to denote the concept of the place on this spectrum of realness where something falls, we've added the word "level", in the sense of "level of reality".  [Note that "L-level" (syn "llevel") is just a unit, not a narrowing of "life" as explained.  (That is, "L-level" does not mean "life that may be potentially fictional or real", but rather is a measurement of the "fictional or real" nature of life of this sort, the latter being something that mot be noted by "L" by itself when in context with this term set, if not elsewhere.)]
       Ex via dial: "What L-level are you on now, Skip?" .. "I think I'm about as close to RL as I can get; an eviction notice and thrice-rejected manuscript can do that to you" .. "Pray there isn't something else even more important than real life, like 'RRL' " .. "If I discover I'm somebody else's fictional character, Kilo, I'm demoting every character I have from FL to FFL, starting with you, well, assuming I can write a good frwoa establishing the frangle you're an FL character of mine." .. "Wouldn't your FL characters drop to FFL anyway when you figure you're fictional?" .. "No, I'm assuming I'll only knock them down once when I'm bumped down to L." .. "So your FL characters are already nonfictional?  How could they be fictional if they don't have a fictional modifier?  Not that your nonsense terms are fictional, of course." .. "You're right, 'L FL' characters wouldn't make sense." .. "Maybe 'L' shouldn't be used like that." .. "You know, I think my terms would work better if my RL writer figured out my precise L-level for once.  Although given their confusion over their own, I'm afraid it's pretty unlikely I'll live to see it happen, at least until my next life." .. "L sucks."

flisc/ flisk/: [fused origin/def] A condensation of "flying disc", also resembling "flick", "flow", "wrist", and "risk", among others.  A term of the sort is exceptionally and especially needed, as "frisbee" is a registered trademark and technically can't ever be used without some level of legal worry, and saying "flying disc" all the time exceeds Xangles' obsessive brevity standards condemning just about any audible or visible word over a half a syllable long, or one perceivable by any means.  (As of the writing of this definition, we haven't checked to see if "flisc" is a trademarked word, but this definition should be eventually be edited to clarify.)
       Given it's not a registered trademark, This is a sincere suggestion for addition to real life dictionaries, as it's an excellent condensation (by our system) and the use of "frisbee" has become problematic as the sport of ultimate frisbee (more officially shortened to "ultimate" now, as the term "ultimate frisbee" can't be used without legal fear) has grown in popularity.  Even if "flisc" is a registered term (damn my momentary lack of wifi and my knowledge I won't remember to fFlip it later*), we mot still use it for certain purposes, as Xangles/etc is knowledgeable (or at least opinionated, which translates to knowledgeable with good lawyers) in this general area, and harbors the xangle that legally and morally, no copyright, patent, or trademark has absolute jurisdiction over its use via the laws protecting it.*
       [* Just FYI, we believe that the enforcement  -- and/or fear of it -- of the registered trademark "frisbee" is over the top, but not ridiculous or absurd.  One problem, IOHO, is that ultimate -- being a generally nonprofit sport/activity -- does not have the resources or funds to fight this issue in the courts.  It seems to us to be legally arguable that the term "frisbee" as a noun for the object the term generally refers to should fall to some extent within the public domain, but hey, we're just imaginary armchair lawyers.]
       Aside, this term and ones related to it (such as potentials not yet coined dealing with a flying disc or the sport of ultimate) are extremely relevant to Squish, who spends a good deal of time with a creative style / strategy / method set he develops for ultimate, which (loosly, currently) integrates or relates to some aspects of Xangles methods and concepts.  The methods evolve a much higher and more skillful degree of flow and continuity; relaying the disc quickly or immediately rather than stopping for extended calculation, field-gauging, and repositioning, and require a more challenging level of concentration and physical effort, as players must be looking and thinking ahead more while still maintaining concentration on the current or short-term catch, throw, or play.  He has called this strategy (usable entirely within standard ultimate rules, hence it's more a strategy/style than a sport modification) "Turbo Frisbee", but given the evolving complexity and power of Xangles/Frangles phonetic methods (tentatively being called frenetics) in combination with our obsessive SEO techniques and growing knowledge of intellectual property law, his strategies/styles currently require a ton of terminology work; that is, not just the overall name(s), but its internal wordings and terms, all generally (excuse the pun), pretty "up in the air".

frisc/ frisk/ [fused origin/def] A more Frangles and/or fractal related version of the term "flisc". (see flisc)

bulsh/ (n/adj/pseudoswear) [Origin: 10^500,000 hours of agonizingly pointless phonetic work to fabricate a light and lazy version of the curse "bullshit", as it was eventually decided to just drop the second syllable and loose an 'L'.] 1. bullshit.  2. bullshit explanations.  3. bullshit excuses.  4. general bullshit excuses and explanations.  5. fictional bullshit excuses and/or explanations.  6. general deceptive and/or fabricated bullshit excuses and/or explanations, especially from friters via news updates.  7. Any and/or all of the above.  Examples of bulsh: "I'm too exhausted to give this a thorough definition because my dolphin got struck by a bolt of lightning for the 5th time this weekend, and I had to auction off my pencil to pay for the vet bills." / "I also didn't finish the 40 pages of Frangles material I said I'd have done for today for the same reason, in combination with that my laptop, netbook, desktop computer, mobile phone, and iPong coincidentally also got fried in the same 5 lightning storms." / "...but it'll all be done by brunch, no bulsh!!"

Othello/ (semi-rrl krforb) A krforb that helps Squish avoid friting, xiting, griting, and all his general Xangles, Frangles, and Blorkk responsibilities, by offering him access to a basic calculator and occasional game of solitaire, things overly sufficient to indefinitely distract him from his tasks (aka Squish's RRL netbook).

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