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Common Wallpaper Sizes Usable For 1440 x 900

Upscale <200%
(16:10 ratios)

Downscale >50%
(16:10 ratios)

Cut to Similar
(misc ratios)

While these are 1440 x 900 wallpapers, they can be adapted to smaller resolutions.  You can shrink them exactly to a similar aspect ratio (such as 1360 x 850, 1280 x 800, 1200 x 750, 1152 x 720, 1120 x 700, or 1024 x 640), but do so with a proper program like Adobe or Gimp for any art use.  You can also just use smaller cross-sections, such as using "tile" or "center" from Windows (or quickly cutting them up in Paint), because fractals are abstract and it's rarely essentially to have the exact image.  Many here are carefully chosen, but some are just a random segment of the raw fractal.  (Just don't "stretch" them in Windows unless you want all our xorbs' zillions of nanomots spent on infinitesimal details to be all for nothing.)
Only bitmaps and .pngs are recommended for use!  Only use the jpegs to glance quickly, or if your system does not support pngs.  Any compression that alters an original fractal can potentially mangle the detail.

These are logo-free right now simply because we're being lazy, so please remember "" and tell all your friends where you got them.  That's X... then angles.  X... then angles.  X..angles.  X angles...  Xangles! (.com)  Got it?

The following stretch of information/etc are blurbs from 2010.  They were posted on this page because these were the only posted demonstrations of our newer artwork that entire year (aside for a scant few wallpapers posted on the Frangles wallpaper and Blorkk wallpaper pages).  We figured it might be all we'd post for awhile (go xiter laziness), hence we used this space to say a lot about our 2010 progress in terms of Xangles imagery and visual themes and how they related to the reading material. 

(...and still more or less not coming)

These are a huge bunch of new fractal wallpapers (along with a slew of bull@#$ rants excusing us for hoarding them for so long).  These weren't just thrown together recently (don't expect another big bunch in a week or two), they're in fact most of what we've been rendering over the past year (in addition to what's already been posted).  We've posted 1440 x 900 versions because that's the resolution monitor on which most were developed.  They were often shrunk to 1440 x 900 quickly to get a feel of what they looked like as backgrounds (the raw fractals are anywhere from 4096x4096 to 12,000x12,000), so after all this time of not cutting and finalizing these into postable official polished backgrounds, we simply threw together those already- shrunken 1440s mostly just to give you an idea that we haven't been damn ass lazy all this time, and haven't been bullshitting you every time we claim we're accumulating a good amount of artwork.)
           [Note this is often the case with Xangles / Frangles / Blorkk / etc material; much can get written or drawn and sit around for a long time before it's officially posted (we consider the web to be our semi-official "publication" of our material -- because if it remains free material indefinitely, what other form of "official" publication is there? --  so we don't want to post half-ass stuff, akin to not posting a half-revised novel or just some sketches of a visual art work piece).]
           Anyway, we originally intended to just throw up a bunch of quick things to look at to show you where we are, but as we started collecting the wallpapers, we realized they were basically finished works so much that we might as well post an official good downloadable page of them.  So that's why there's this huge page of just 1440 x 900s as opposed to out increasing selection of resolution downloads on the main wallpaper page.
           To boot, we have so much raw material and so much we want to do with it in addition to our popular backgrounds for you (like create background artwork for Xangles / Frangles / Blorkk / etc reading material) that we're not sure where to begin or what to post.  We might give up on shrinking wallpapers to five billion resolution sizes and just post a smaller set that you can cut, shrink, tile, etc, yourself (in that case we'd at least post a bunch of high quality images to each common aspect ratio, the three main ones being 4:3, 16:10, and 16:9), and have more time to work on other uses for the art, or even for a wider selection of backgrounds rather than a wide selection of resolution sizes (for instance, a single raw fractal image can be cut and colored into many, many, different backgrounds of different hues & slices).  Or, this might give us more time for integrating the images into Xangles fiction and philosophy, and if we spend time integrating the particular fractals you're downloading into Xangles fiction already of a fractal nature, this would give you more options for exploring the beauty, simplicity, and complexity of the very fractals you see here.
           If you like fractal backgrounds because they look nifty or pretty or just plain !@#ing cool, then you're almost sure to like other Xangles / Frangles material.  Fractal fiction and prose might seem a very strange concept -- i.e. a type of art not at all straightforward and obvious like the visual fractals we're all used to (and indeed our reading material is a very unique concept) fractal) -- but we think it's worth the effort to learn about our stuff and get into it and explore it, because of course, the journey is an ecstatic part of experiencing the most innovate artistic medium ever to be created by (blah blah blah blah).

("Didn't I just download the word repetition??")

You'll notice that some of these fractals are similar in one way to another; this occurs on many, many levels, some of which are very obvious (two shots of the same general fractal or one similar to it or hue-altered from the original), and some of which are near imperceptible unless you examine them extremely closely (and even then you'll be missing out on the infinite mathematical and artistic connections that bind them that a finite mind can never fully grasp).  Still, it's very nifty to note patterns in one just ever- so- slightly subtly present in another.  This is an intrinsic concept of Frangles-- self-similarity on every level, obvious or subtle.  Sometimes these similarities are crafted and intentional, and other times they just fall right into place being connections that are a result of the general methods of creating self-similar fiction & prose.
           Now, since there are so many possibilities in posting alternate versions of these wallpapers (different cuts, different hues, sibling equations), another decision is how much time to spend spitting alternative ones out to those here (and future wallpapers and art we will post).  This can be a simple matter of figuring the balance of time spent arranging the selection of sizes vs the selection of colors and re-cuts; but, but it can also be a more involved issue, such as if we eventually get more involved with your download options.  We've had the idea that we could actually include light real-time online editing software for them, like changing the color, size, resolution, or aspect ratio of a wallpaper you like -- or an image for which you might have another purpose in mind, like a CD cover or poster (though note we're evolving strict guidelines on these uses; make sure to carefully read all legal statements on the wallpaper pages and the main legal section on the Xangles & Frangles main pages) -- or even "surf" the actual fractal as you might on a fractal generator program.
           Now obviously you can obtain fractal rendering programs yourself (some are free, and since fractals are so simple, for many goals these programs are utterly sufficient), but the point of an online interface would be to surf our general designs in particular.  Perhaps even most people (this certainly goes for us) who run a fractal generator for their first time, stare at a basic Mandelbrot set thinking "how the flying !@# am I supposed to turn a deformed bug into a breathtaking desktop wallpaper?".
    Indeed, even with our accumulated experience from creating all the wallpapers on Xangles' main wallpaper page, we were (and to a good extent still are) baffled on how exactly to use ChaosPro (a program we recently started using) to create the type of backgrounds we like.  Using a new program requires re-learning not just the technical controls and interfaces, but the artistic methods and processes by which we figure out how once again to turn that @#$ing deformed bug into anything at all useful or cool or nifty or worth downloading.  (Never mind getting those results to adhere to each general respective theme of each Xangles saga.  E.g. Frangles' visual themes are more bright, colorful, vivid, and friendly, whereas Blorkk's are anything from dark and wondrously spacey to ugly, sloppy, brown, and blobular).
           So, since there is so much repetition in the vast web of Xangles material, one issue with our wallpapers pages is how much similarity to present to you and how much not to bother with.  Indeed, we could spend our whole lives posting every single cut and color tint of just a few fractals, so again, how much do we bother with?  As said, if we really want to offer you all that, we can simply offer an online interface for you to design those yourself (if you're that bored).
           Note that with the backgrounds to our fiction for which we create different artwork for each bricks (Frangles scene), producing many, many similar versions of each background (and even intermingling them in plethoras of very close ways) is not an option but rather an extreme necessity.  Frangles, for instance, is designed to eventually be a saga of 7 to the 5th power bricks (Frangles scenes), i.e 7x7x7x7x7, or 16,807 intertwined bricks.  For any given set of them-- for instance, a set of 49 bricks (i.e. akin to a standard literary novella, if each of these bricks is about one standard reading page or so; though these lengths can drastically vary from story to story and brick ordering to brick ordering) might begin with a bunch of colorful exciting triangles on brick #1 and end with a depressing slop of defeated blobs (perhaps the story of Frangles' demolition to make room for a bigger Blorkk saga).  If the wallpapers for each brick (each html page, or webpage) are to be different, then this requires an incredibly repetitive slew of background images.  It would be confusing to have a totally different image for each brick (html page) as you're reading through them, and would be enormously difficult if not impossible to be that unique and still adhere to general themes and make every background image relevant to the page.
           Exponentially more complex is the issue that those backgrounds have to differ in other ways than "bright triangles" to "depressed blobs" as you read other stories that cross over with this example novella.  This task terrifies, because how in hell do you coordinate flowing themes through 5 dimensions of pieces?  We definitely have the theory (and initial material) of the whole multi-dimensional fiction part down, but the task of visually creating this matrix of fragments -- while having each brick represent and reflect the feel and context and theme of each brick (page) -- has us banging our heads against fractal brick walls!  (Or maybe we're just lazy.)  A ton of these types of similarities do appear naturally when creating lots of artwork with similar themes and styles (in this case via  the same general artistic methods, e.g. ours), but beyond cutting up different slices of the same raw fractal picture and/or changing the equation a little and rendering a similar fractal and/or using a similar color scheme across different fractals, we don't specifically design with all these strange similarities in mind.  Hence to actually craft 16,807 background images that all brilliantly interconnect in a vast masterpiece and reflect the stories and themes of Frangles is a task we have yet to bump up from the status of "never to be attempted in the entire history of Okuaka" to "infinitely last thing to be done if Frangles even approaches the ballpark of being able to be completed this century".
           And, of course, these decisions are intrinsically intermingled with what wallpapers and raw fractal artwork we present for downloading.  Right now all that's on most reading pages of Xangles & Frangles are just awkwardly tiled wallpapers from these pages, but we want to find ways of making these much more flowing and appropriate for a tiled pattern.  (I.e. an image that creates a pattern of polka dots as opposed to a bunch of circles that get awkwardly cut off at the edges).  Hence then we'd have a whole nauseatingly dizzy vertigo of intertwining between website art and downloadable art for the user (whether wallpapers or art for some other use).  (Hopefully we'll get a contract soon to publish Frangles on Barns & Noble's "NOOK" handheld text- on- white- background book reader and not have to bother with color images at all!).
    So, as we say, check back check back check back... even once a year if you see this or that thing around here not updated for awhile.  We're always spending time on something, and obviously with a saga and world the size of Xangles, many things go unupdated for very long periods while other things progress significantly.  That was our point in this wallpaper page; not really to give you something to download, but just inform you that yes, we actually are serious about spending months and months drafting things or creating raw material before polishing, publishing, or posting.  (You can keep up to date with the areas we're working on at a given time by checking updates page, the most active of which is currently the Frangles Updates page, where all XanglesFrangles / Blorkk / etc updates will be posted, including wallpaper updates.)

I Have To Get The Hell Out The Door

by Squish
This is where a very
very, very, very!
..very very long rant about Xangles goes
goes goes, ever goes
Only because
because because because because becauuuuuse
(that was a wizard of oz reference if you didn't catch it)
...because I'm just plain lazy and don't want to reformat
the page! the page! the page!
so that there isn't this
long long long long
now, now!
I shall, I shall
Get the !@#$ hell
out out out out, faint candle!
..out the door.  because, alas, I have a
life =(.  and scribbling fractal backgrounds with my
hyperhyperhyperhyperdimensional crayon named sam
...all day long for the xangles slave drivers who can't do anything their damn selves i mean i'm the only one who does a thing around here i really don't know what the point in everybody else is; do you think it's fair for the biggest quintillionist big genius medium-surpassing artistic medium boundary breaking fractal nonlinear blhblhbahblahblahblah to only have one !@#$ xiter? (that means "xangles writer" if you're not one of the four in fifty thousand people who actually read the xangles material).  oh well.  at least i'm prolific enough to compensate for those sunsfef12#r3rj3sdfkOrbo I was just playin', c'mon, you know I'm not serious... yah, well you go analyze the xongunor yourself, then, I mean you are about 50 quintillion times my intellect, you know; in fact you're another one who doesn't do a damn bit aro0dufm32REFJEKfekfeNO_CARRIER

Alas, My Poem Didn't Fill Up the Space
by Squish
This is where a poem extrapolating the title of this poem goes
So that it may be funnier than simply reading the clever title.
Because without an actual poem to fill up more space,
It just sucks now, doesn't it?

Double Alas!  Squish's Poems Have been Pushed ofg the Screen!
..and now they don't make any sense.
(by Jet)
Oky, so Squish put some poems here before the stuff above was here
And now they're down here
Since the stuf above... is now... above
(where it should be).
but, alas, squish is a nazi about hoarding all his writing
Even when it was just random shit he wrote in a day without thinking
So... now it flows down here.
is flws a word?

1440 x 900 Fractal Images
free for nonprofit use only

Jegs MANGLE fractals.
Click jpg only if all sentient life in all
known univi depends on your click.

.  .  .
  The PNG-blind pray for light of day
in shadows of shapes they know not

Xangles logo - black and white fractal ball illusion pattern background pattern art

black and white fractal illusion bold pattern wallpaper background art

abstract art black and white horizon explosion implosion fractal wallpaper background art pattern

floating heaven dots spots white gray yellow polka-dots pattern background fractal

eye sand rings calm circular eerie weird fractal eye-of-sauron background wtf

dragonfly fractal wallpaper background sun exposion heaven god weird cool wtf pattern

flow bright vivid fractal lost forest really cool dream wallpaper fractal background strange

spin fun blue black pink sand sandy twist record-album spin vivid bold pattern background texture wallpaper fractal weird strange

whee lime colore yellow color warp speed background hyperspace hyperwarp texture wallpaper fractal highway road

fractal exposion background pattern

purple squares exploding explode implode infinity vertigo dizzy pattern fractal background wallpaper hell suck

fractal circles saying hello wild park Fluffonia background pattern twirl swirl chaos white purple lime green texture

eclipse background simple sun sky full moon eclipse solar eclipse

moon planet space glow background fractal wallpaper complex

glowing abstract embryo sun glow moon bright weird strange awesome god vision holy angel  background wallpaper

bubbly chair bubbles sit lawn-chair lounge around den king throne abstract pattern squares checkered basic cartoon fractal

pattern repeating julia entangled entangle focused focus repetition simple blah background texture pattern

julia fractal spiral spin green fractal backround wallpaper texture

yellow brown texture dots repeating pattern

heaven hyperspace beam rays yellow purple shine heaven-sent gift holy spikes roads directions god angels temple rise warp

julia fractal explode pattern horizon pattern wind whee space distortion wallpaper

wtf purple eyes look looking weird strange bizarre unusual unreal  rings center central city temple eyes-closing open-eye theatrical stage wonder eye-of-sauron repeating background lost

These wallpapers will sooner
or later be split up between
XanglesFrangles,  & Blorkk
(ordered respectively
from top to bottom)

black and white mandelbrot fractal illusion wallpaper background pattern art

striped arrow black and white fractal illusion infinity wallpaper background pattern art

background heaven light paper heavenly papercut glow black weird wtf wallpaper pattern

fractal explosion fire white fire float polka-dots pattern background wallpaper

rug pattern background fractal wallpaper brown yellow digital-image

black dragonfly flying sky heaven earth fire wind twirl swirl fractal wallpaper background cool lift fight

twirl swirl spiral flow bright vivid fractal really cool dream wallpaper background

spotlights four spotlights entry exit bizarre black cyan turquoise stripes circular weird wtf background wallpaper digital smooth open you me god here fractal

rings pulse black sunshine hole sun stripes white lime green purple blue black integrate heaven light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel  fear hole pattern wallpaper beams of light rays

circle spotlight hole basic colors yellow blue eye simple white stripe to the right wallpaper fractal

pink sun abstract friendly rings eclipse sky bowl god heaven limbo here nifty cool abstract wallpaper background

three yellow brown pink dull happy smiley face facing smileyface empty hole wizardry spell Fluto fractal wallpaper background

dot spot eclipse pink white sun friendly dull weird strange wtf paper circle glow background

egg sperm arrow entry pattern fractal background what-the-hell where am i map direction goliath temple entrance spell ethereal wise

alien coral reef brown form underwater shape background smooth slippery swim fractal background urgg blorkk

heaven glow coral reef ethereal form green white space shape background fractal urgg blorkk
bmp   png   jpg

julia fractal path forest green purple holes ground sky explode fractal texture background wallpaper blorkk

julia fractal bright orange neon cool friendly really bright spin fractal background texture wallpaper

space abstract chess turtle mandelbrot fractal vertigo hallucinating trip venture dig gold-mine grathalor checkered moving weird spacious dizzy dirty journey float patterned pattern

wtf weird fractal julia purple green lime yellow light city glow background wallpaper rising sunrise sun sky dream

strange bizarre unreal blue purple white light glow ethereal god wtf background wallpaper

rug pattern eye open exit ring rings wtf weird strange circles circle julia fractal background pattern

spin hello all you me hi fractal pattern circles twist weird wtf construction-paper turtle turtles spin vertigo dizzy colorful  background texture wallpaper

Each of these wallpapers was designed & rendered with Fractal Explorer, a free fractal generator program.  (We're starting to move to ChaosPro and many of our wallpapers in the future will be generated by it.)

If you like fractals, you're sure to like all
our fractal fiction, humor, & philosophy
of which this art is a reflection.
Please check out: